What is the success rate in selling "For Sale By Owner"?

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Because we're not real estate agents and don't charge a commission we are legally prohibited from taking part in the actual sales transaction of any of the property advertised on our site, which makes it difficult for us to track how many of our properties sell and how quickly. However, we do try to poll our customers on a regular basis in order to gauge our success rate.

Depending upon the metro area and region our success rates range from about 40% to 85%. In most markets, we have the same success rate as full-service real estate agents.

Like all real estate marketing, the most important factor is the location of your property (both from a local and regional standpoint). It's the same issue that real estate agents face. Attractive properties (good homes in good areas, that are priced correctly) sell quickly and unattractive ones don't.

We can guarantee that we will work diligently to insure that as many potential buyers as possible see your ad. And to this end, we spend tens of thousands of dollars every month on advertising both online and offline across North America.



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