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# Article Title Date Author
21 'For Sale by Owner' may become more common, but is it a good idea? 01/19/10 Carissa Kranz, Medill Reports
22 South Florida home sales soar; prices plummet 12/23/09 Jim Wyss, Miami Herald
23 Agent or No Agent? 12/17/09 Harvey Araton, New York TImes
24 For Sale By Owners - Proceed At Your Own Risk Says Brokers 11/20/09 Katy Gurley,
25 Web Sites Cater to for-Sale-by-Owner Home Sellers 11/20/09 Alex Veiga, Associated Press
26 Sell Your Home on Your Own -- Or, Get Help? 11/16/09 ABC News (Columbus, Ohio)
27 10 Tips for Selling Your Home in the Sluggish Winter Months 11/12/09 Luke Mullins, U.S. News & World Report
28 Getting Serious About Your Home and the Market 11/05/09 Kate Murphy, New York Times
29 Target first-time buyers when selling a home 09/20/09
30 Four ways to attract a first-time buyer 09/17/09 Amy Hoak, Boston Herald
31 How To Sell Your Home To A First-Time Buyer 06/16/09 Amy Hoak, Wall Street Journal
32 Rising mortgage rates could spur undecided buyers 06/05/09 Amy Hoak, CBS MarketWatch
33 Rent-to-own your home: Pro and con 06/04/09 Les Christie,
34 Going FSBO in a slow market 06/01/09 Mary Umberger, Inman News
35 offers money back guarantee 05/19/09 Josh Smith, AOL WalletPop
36 Seller, Salesman: The Work, the Risks and the Rewards Behind That 'For Sale by Owner' Sign 05/08/09 Renae Merle, Washington Post
37 Owner sales difficult in cold South Florida market 04/22/09 Jennifer LeClaire, The Real Deal
38 Buyers Becoming More Successful Finding Homes through Internet 03/30/09 RIS Media
39 How to Sell Your Home Without a Realtor 03/23/09 Shelly K. Schwartz, Special to
40 Commissions down $12B in 2008 - NAR takes issue with findings 03/11/09 Matt Carter, Inman News
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