What a Title Agency Does for By-Owner Sellers E-mail
Written by Jennifer Ferri, Title-Junction.com   
There are many reasons for buying or selling a home without the assistance of a realtor, but one service provider you can't complete a "for sale by owner" transaction without is the title agency. Using a title agency not only ensures that your closing goes smoothly, it also safeguards your transaction.
Researching your home's past could pay off E-mail
Written by William Hageman, Tribune Newspapers   

Brent Stevens appreciates history. That's one reason he and his wife, Vicki, purchased an 1840s-era home in Constantine, Mich., in 1999. Subsequent research turned up something that made their home even more endearing — probably more valuable too.

Inspection: Rejection, Concession or Graduation? E-mail
Written by Joanne Cleaver, ForSaleByOwner.com   

Appraisers and inspectors are commonly viewed with fear by both sellers and buyers. Their independent opinions can upset a deal. If an appraisal comes back low, a lender will refuse to make a loan based on the purchase price, and the seller will be forced to meet the appraised value – or forfeit the deal.

Likewise, inspectors often find flaws that can undermine a deal or reopen price negotiations. The value of the house is intrinsically linked to its condition. If the condition of the house is not accurately reflected in the agreed-on price, both the appraisal and the inspection might come into play to indicate the true value of the house. That can put the owner and buyer back at the negotiating table to hammer out concessions. 

Here is a short guide to getting the most from the inspection – and to keeping your deal on track. To learn more about how inspections fit into overall home pricing, please visit our Pricing Guide.
Video: Paperwork and Closing E-mail
Written by ForSaleByOwner Staff   

As part of the "Your For Sale By Owner Coach" video series, this "Understanding Contracts and Paperwork" video will give you a solid understanding of the contracts and paperwork you can expect to encounter when selling your home.

When to DIY...and Not E-mail
Written by Chicago Tribune   

TV was once flooded with shows about finding an inexpensive property and turning it into a dream home or "flipping" it for a profit with just a little work here and there.

For those who are hoping to find such an opportunity with the growing number of foreclosures, experts say it is important in this market to know your handyman limitations.


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