Marketing Your Home

Broaden Your Buyer Audience Through Social Media E-mail
Marketing Your Home
Written by Carrie Richardson, South Oak Title   

If you are selling your home by owner, you are the primary marketer of your home. One of the best ways to broaden your appeal these days is communicating through social media.

Facebook is a great place to start. You probably already have a Facebook account, and it’s a place to instantly recruit your friends and family to help you get your message out. The keys are to post often about your home and to do it in interesting ways.

5 Great Marketing Tips to Attract More Home Buyers [Infographic] E-mail
Marketing Your Home
Written by Wendy Wollenberg   

Help house hunters discover how great your home is. From the secret of photos to ways you can boost your listing’s exposure online, these effective marketing tips will bring home buyers to your door.

Read Buyers’ Minds With These Selling Strategies E-mail
Marketing Your Home
Written by ForSaleByOwner staff   

Read Home Buyers' MindsConditions are aligning for a strong start to the spring home selling market. As you get ready to list, you can tweak the condition and positioning of your house to appeal to what buyers want right now.

And what is that? Keep reading!  Here’s the latest market research, interpreted for your selling success.

Who's Buying Homes in 2012? Boomers and Busters E-mail
Marketing Your Home
Written by John Handley Special to the Tribune   

Can housing upsize and downsize at the same time? Absolutely. Despite the sluggish real estate market, two age groups continue to be active: Younger buyers are bent on upsizing, while older empty-nesters are keen on downsizing. Here's who's buying now...and why.

Small Sells In Thrift-Minded Market E-mail
Marketing Your Home
Written by Erik J. Martin Special to the Chicago Tribune   

If Scott and Kim Fogel had a theme song, it would be "You Can't Always Get What You Want." Because, as the chorus reminds us, if you try sometimes, you just might find, you get what you need, especially when it comes to a new home.

The Fogels weren't looking to make a showy statement in the move-up house they would eventually purchase. Instead of opting for formal, fancy and full size, they put their wish lists aside and chose a new home in Lake in the Hills that fulfilled their No. 1 priority: having separate bedrooms for their 10- and 6-year-old daughters."With our second home, we could've gone bigger, but we weren't totally comfortable with that," said Scott


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