Selling Your Home

Staging a Kitchen: Before and After E-mail
Staging Your Home
Written by Kathey Carter, Katchart LLC   

The kitchen is one of the most important selling points for your house. Here's how to stage your kitchen to engage buyers' attention. 

Do-It-Yourself Comparative Market Analysis E-mail
Written by By Joanne Cleaver,   

The ‘comparative market analysis’, or CMA, is the old standby marketing tool for agents trying to win listings.  The agents try to demonstrate the value they bring to the transaction by pulling supposedly proprietary sales numbers from databases run by their associations and the multiple listing service, to assemble a set of recent and pending home sales that can provide context for pricing your house.

Video: How To Price Your Home E-mail
Written by ForSaleByOwner Staff   

"Your For Sale By Owner Coach" video series takes the mystery out pricing a 'by owner' home. "How To Price A Home" will equip you with all of the information that you need to accurately price your home.

Putting a Price on Atmosphere E-mail
Staging Your Home
Written by Joanne Cleaver   

Bathroom atmosphere is all about what you can’t see. Light – well placed and plenty of it – and fresh air – thanks to well-functioning ventilation systems – put the ‘pow’ in powder rooms and make master baths rule.

Guests and home buyers may not be thinking in those terms, but they certainly know light, bright, fresh baths when they encounter them. A third of 1,025 recent visitors to the website agreed that a ‘good design for daily function’ was the single most important characteristic. ‘A clean, fresh environment’ was preferred by 21%; and luxury finishes by 16%.

Guests and househunters are looking for one thing when they enter a bathroom: their own reflection in the mirror, says Randall Whitehead, a lighting designer who owns Randall Whitehead Lighting Solutions, based in San Francisco. “Save the dramatic accent lighting for entertaining,” he says. “Light people

Whether you are preparing your house for guests or for sale, these easy-to-apply tips will enable you to better use light and fresh air so that your baths give a good first impression.

Stage the Invisible E-mail
Staging Your Home
Written by Joanne Cleaver   

What you can’t see can sell your house. But how do you stage the invisible?

Scent or odor?

The difference is in the nose of the beholder.

Bright or glaring?

It’s all in what someone sees.

That’s what makes staging bathrooms so difficult: Much of what makes these small rooms appealing just can’t be fixed with traditional staging techniques.


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