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Marketing Your Home
Written by Joanne Cleaver   

Price your house according to what a local appraiser recommends and track neighborhood trends using publicly available data.  That's what's own Matt Brown told vieweres when he was recently interviewed live by newscasters in several key cities. Here's the instant replay of Matt's turn at fame.

Fox 59 in Indianapolis

Fox 43 in Harrisburg, PA

PIX 11 in New York

WGN in Chicago

Fox 40 in Sacramento

Do, Don't and Data for Pricing Right E-mail
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Pricing a house is a dynamic process. Factors change all the time. Here are the do, don't and data sources to help you efficiently gather the information you need to price your house correctly from the start.

Top Tips from a Top Appraiser E-mail
Written by Joanne Cleaver   

A busy appraiser sees  hundreds of houses each year.  If you are selling ‘by owner,’ it is wise to get a full appraisal so you can price your house according to the value likely to be accepted by lenders.  As long as you’re paying $400 for an appraisal, why not get the most from it?

Sharon Bagby, an Illinois certified real estate appraiser with Crystal lake Appraisal Service, Inc., offers these little-known recommendations for homeowners.

Market Realities Buoy Sale E-mail
Written by Joanne Cleaver, staff   

Homeowner Yetta Levitt knows more about real estate values than most agents – which she’s not. She tracks the sale price of local properties through public records. She visits neighborhood open houses to check out their condition and asking prices. She posts online comments about local property value trends as reported in local news stories.

Not Your Typical Property E-mail
Written by Joanne Cleaver   

No wonder Matt Townsend built himself a man-cave.

With eleven children, a wife, and a baby grandchild sharing his modern log house in rural Delaware,  Townsend needs a place to get away. But he kept resale value in mind when he included an office with a full bathroom adjacent to the three-car garage he built. The office is perfect as a rental, teen suite, self-contained office for a small business, or creative retreat.


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