Selling Your Home

Five Reasons to Buy Now E-mail
Marketing Your Home
Written by Joanne Cleaver,   

Believe it or not, it's a buyer's market..and here are five top reasons why!

Two Grand Can Make Your House Grand, Too E-mail
Staging Your Home
Written by Heidi Stevens, Tribune Newspapers   

For $2,000, you can replace your kitchen countertops or retile your bathroom — maybe even both, depending on your chosen materials. You'll increase the value of your home and bask daily in the glow of shiny new surfaces.

But isn't that a little conventional? How about taking that same $2,000 and venturing beyond the obvious. We turned to three home improvement experts for some unexpected project ideas, most of which you can tackle yourself, and all of which can be done for under two grand.

How To Have A Happy Holiday Home Sale E-mail
General Tips
Written by Alana Kanter, ForSaleByOwner   

'Tis the season for selling your home!  No not that peak Spring/Summer selling period, but the holiday months of November through January.   Selling during the holiday season has its own set of challenges and advantages.   Below we’ve wrapped up some things to keep in mind when selling over the holidays:

Video: How To Market Your Home E-mail
Marketing Your Home
Written by ForSaleByOwner Staff   

By the end of this video, you will have all of the information you need to successfully market your home without the help of a real estate agent. "How To Market Your Home" is the 3rd video in the "Your For Sale By Owner" coach video series.

Video: Paperwork and Closing E-mail
Written by ForSaleByOwner Staff   

As part of the "Your For Sale By Owner Coach" video series, this "Understanding Contracts and Paperwork" video will give you a solid understanding of the contracts and paperwork you can expect to encounter when selling your home.


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