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Written by Joanne Cleaver   

Off Grid

Off the grid?

What grid?

The little casita in the middle of the desert is about as isolated as you can get in this century.

Solar panels power the pump that draws water from 1,000 feet below the sand. Solar panels heat that water. The toilet composts. The stove uses propane. Heat stays out and cool in – or vice versa – thanks to the double-insulated roof and strategic cross-ventilation.

Michigan Vacation Condo Packs Surprises E-mail
Tell It and Sell It
Written by Joanne Cleaver   


Think Michigan’s sunset coast and the images that spring to mind are dunes, fishing and boats. The small towns that necklace the state’s western shore are havens for Victorian cottages and beachy bungalows… with woodsy cabins on their outskirts.

It would seem that condominiums wouldn’t find a home in this mileau, but a development in sleepy Manistee proves that assumption wrong.

From the street, the Roger and Sharon Huckendubler’s condo might be mistaken for a ranch house. Its white clapboards accented with marine-blue trim, the condo has an unassuming side entry, just past the three-car garage and by a narrow garden.

Church Conversion Heavenly for Live-Work E-mail
Tell It and Sell It
Written by Joanne Cleaver   


You could say that God’s work continued in the classic brick church on Church St., Edwardsburg, MI, even after the congregation moved out.

Kerry Jones designs and hand-crafts specialized wheelchairs in the basement – in what was once the fellowship hall. Cathy Bazata takes on the toughest occupational therapy clients, often working with them in what was once the sanctuary, under soaring beams edged with gingerbread woodwork.

How to Market a Live-Work Property E-mail
Tell It and Sell It
Written by Joanne Cleaver   
Live-work properties are tricky to market. Here are some tactics for finding the angles that will put your live-work space in its best light.

>Be prepared to coach your buyer through the financing process
. Your buyer might be assuming that the only options are traditional home mortgages. But a live-work property opens up a host of financing alternatives – and a host of potential complications to the transaction.
Get Green! E-mail
Tell It and Sell It
Written by Kristen McGuire   

Red Lodge, Montana -- Matt and Marianne McClain are “going green,” renting a house outfitted with the latest in environmentally friendly upgrades. The house is for sale by owner, but a little out of their price range. Would the energy savings bring it within their reach?

Likely not. Unless the home is completely off the grid, the even the latest, greatest energy saving features will trim only 25% to 30% from monthly utility bills. Achieving full energy independence usually includes a large array of solar panels that run $9/watt. Since energy is sold by the KILOwatt, the final cost could top $100,000 for a 2200 square foot home.


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