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Green Message Must Be Spelled Out E-mail
Tell It and Sell It
Written by Mary Ellen Podmolik, Chicago Tribune   

A newly formed company thinks the beacon that will attract homebuyers to its patch of dirt in New Lenox isn't a clubhouse or walking paths, the extras that once drew attention to new subdivisions, but 30-foot-tall vertical-axis wind turbines.

Prairie Ridge Estates, as envisioned by local developers Jim and Phil Regan, could just possibly become the nation's largest net-zero energy subdivision, filled with homes that produce as much energy as they use during a year.

But selling 132 lots of really green housing also could prove a formidable task for Energy Smart Home Builders, and not just because homebuilding has screeched to a halt.

Heat Up The Interest In Your House E-mail
Marketing Your Home
Written by Alana Kanter   
Has the hot summer weather cooled off the interest in your home?  There are many easy things that you can do to garner attention and excitement for your property year- round.   Read on for some must-dos when it comes to showing and marketing your home, as well as some creative tactics for generating sizzle.

Showing Your Home:

  • Establish A Sense of Urgency.  If a lot of potential buyers have toured your home and come back for repeat showings, let other buyers know about it.  You want your property to appear in high demand, creating a sense of urgency for buyers to make an offer.
Devil is in the Details of Online Listing Photos E-mail
Marketing Your Home
Written by Mary Ellen Podmolik   

It was difficult to pick out the worst no-no in a recent set of photos posted with a Chicago condo listing.

Was it the haphazard collection of magnets on the refrigerator, or the clutter that effectively cut in half the amount of kitchen counter space? Was it the opened toilet lid? The toothbrush lying sideways on the bathroom sink? Or the full-size lime green bath towel draped over the footboard on the bed?

Perhaps the bigger question is if this was how sellers allowed their home to be photographed for a listing, when it's presumably in the best shape, how will it look when a potential buyer comes to look at it?

Fannie Mae Tightens Screws on Appraisal Guidelines E-mail
Written by Mary Ellen Podmolik, Chicago Tribune   

In a declining market where the most recent comparable sales may be a distressed sale a few blocks away, appraisers are finding themselves on the hot seat about their work.

Fannie Mae just issued new requirements to help clarify single-family home appraisals, since it identified some issues in "post-purchase reviews of mortgage loan files." Simply put, what Fannie's June 30 selling guide updates mean is the agency didn't like the looks of the some of the appraisals on mortgage loans sold to it by lenders.

When to DIY...and Not E-mail
Written by Chicago Tribune   

TV was once flooded with shows about finding an inexpensive property and turning it into a dream home or "flipping" it for a profit with just a little work here and there.

For those who are hoping to find such an opportunity with the growing number of foreclosures, experts say it is important in this market to know your handyman limitations.


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