Selling Your Home

6 Simple Home Staging Tips for Fall E-mail
Staging Your Home
Written by Sara Hennessey   

Having your home on the market in autumn can be a great thing. For one thing, there's less competition. It also puts you in the unique position to market your home as the perfect place to bunker down when it’s cold outside. Utilize these staging tips for fall, and you’ll be closing before the holidays.

Simple Steps for Smart Pricing E-mail
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The asking price you first set is a big number. It can attract buyers. It can repel buyers. It can be viewed as a starting point or an ending point.

One thing's for sure: It's one of the biggest decisions in the selling process. Here's how to price your house for the best results.

For more about pricing your home to sell, please visit our comprehensive Pricing Guide.

Simple Selling Steps: Start to Finish Timeline E-mail
The Basics
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Older gentleman assembling a Open House sign.Selling your home is a big task. Agents don’t make it easier: in fact, you are bound to be disappointed when an agent fails to deliver on her big promises to take care of every detail and sell your house for top dollar.
Your house is likely your biggest asset. You are more invested in the outcome than any agent could be. You will want to be engaged at every step, from preparing it for sale, to pricing, to negotiating, and finally, in closing.
Here are the key steps for selling on your own or with an agent. You’ll see that either way, you do most of the work. Taking on the few additional tasks of directly listing and showing the house can save you thousands of dollars. ForSaleByOwner sets you up for success with how-to’s, legal forms, referrals to professionals, and other tools that you need to sell your house.

The "By Owner" Business Case E-mail
The Basics
Written by staff sing with house in the background.Who gets the check at closing – you or the agent? Many of today’s sellers bought with little or no money down. They may have taken out home equity loans to further ‘invest’ in their houses…only to find that the unprecedented collapse of the American housing market has nearly wiped out all their equity.

Do's and Don'ts of Selling By Owner E-mail
The Basics
Written by ForSaleByOwner staff   

Woman shoveling snow.What do real estate agents know about selling your house that you don’t?

Not much.

Nobody knows better than you how to make the most of the features and benefits of your house.  After all…you bought it!   

There is no magic to selling your house.  You have access to all the tools that real estate agents use.  Buyers will find your house when you make the most of those tools.  Here are common questions, assumptions and misconceptions about selling by owner.


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