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One thing about real estate: it’s very, very real. Properties are where they are, and once you find a property, you know right where it is, forever (landslides notwithstanding).

That’s why geographic searching is a smart way to find a property that’s right for you. Here are some smart online search strategies for locating real estate and for zeroing in on the property that best fits your needs.

Zeroing in on the Property

Search by town or county. Real estate listings include town and county names. Be sure to use a map to determine if the area you are interested in includes several towns or counties; for example, some metropolitan areas cross state lines (for instance, the Chicago area includes northwestern Indiana and southeastern Wisconsin) and includes several counties.

If you are trying to find a property within a large, dense metropolitan area, search for neighborhood names. Many cities and business groups put descriptions of popular neighborhoods on their websites.

Often, those neighborhoods have associations that describe the characteristics of the neighborhood – from commuting time to housing style – and include schedules of community activities. Looking at the website of neighborhood associations can give you a good idea as to the culture of the neighborhood.

School districts. Real estate listings nearly always include the exact name of the elementary, middle and high school districts that serve that address. To find a property included in the boundaries of desirable school districts, search listing databases by school district.

State and national parks and landmarks. Include terms such as “Battery Park” or “Sleeping Bear Dunes” to find a property nearby.

Home sellers often include the names of nearby parks and landmarks in their listings because they know that potential buyers want to know about recreational opportunities. It’s easier to find a property convenient to parks if you know the exact name of the park, so be sure to consult the state or national park website to confirm the name and location of the parks you are interested in.

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