Houses for Sale: Deciding Factors Towards Purchase

A quick review of listings of houses for sale reveals the enormous spectrum of house styles on the market in most American communities. Logistics and financial considerations are,of course, the driving factors for most househunters.

Harder to quantify than mortgage rates is a factor that is as intangible as it is compelling:

Is this house for sale the one that I want to call home?

When you find the house for sale that fulfills your vision of style and comfort, you’ve likely found the right fit.

Here are 3 ways to pinpoint the ‘right fit:’

Architectural style

Formal architectural styles, including Colonial, Georgian, Victorian and Craftsman, are tied to periods of American history.

The styles reflect the culture of the day – for instance, the symmetrical facades of Colonial and Federalist styles mirror those eras’ emphasis on building the legal system and economy, while whimsical Victorians celebrate the intersection of creativity and mass-produced building techniques.

You will often find quite a few cottages in any list of houses for sale. Cottages are typically scaled-down versions of the formal architectural style of the day. Bungalows, for instance, are a branch of the Craftsman style, which emphasizes built-ins, geometric woodwork, and cozy spaces intended to foster family togetherness.

Contemporary homes run the gamut from flat-out modern, with glass curtain walls and glossy interior finishes, to suburban versions of classic architectural styles.

As you review your short list of homes for sale, pay attention to your intuitive response to their style and layout. You will soon recognize your own priorities, and that will help you winnow down the list of homes for sale under consideration.

Condition of Houses for Sale

Do you consider homeownership a lifestyle or primarily an economic and logistic decision?

If you imagine yourself decorating, gardening, and working on home projects, home projects will likely take up much of your leisure time.

A fixer-upper might rise to the top of your list of homes for sale. If not, you will want to weed out older homes and those needing updating from your list of homes for sale, and concentrate on new homes that require minimal upkeep, or even a condo.

Lifestyle amenities

How will you live in the house?

Will you work from home, spend significant time entertaining, acquire a small herd of pets or build a dream backyard for your children?

The amenities that come with the house for sale, or that you can economically add to the house, will be key to your satisfaction. Be sure to square your expected improvements with market realities.

Filtering the list of potential houses for sale by style, condition, and amenities will help you quickly narrow the field to the top candidates.

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