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Searching Tips and Tricks

Posted by admin | April 29, 2009

We are always looking on ways to improve search. We get many suggestions regarding different terms and ways people would like to search through the listings. You requested and we listened. Here is a helpful list of ways to search through our listings that you might not have known about.

1. Searching by State/Province
You can easily search by State or Province on our site. Just type the State/Province in the location field and hit search. Note that some areas (i.e. New York City) have the same name for the city and state. If you type in just “New York” you will be shown the results for New York City. If you want to search the state, simply type “New York State” in the location field.

2. Open Houses
If you are planning to visit an area and want to see if there will be open houses in there, use the “Sort by Open House” functionality. This will place all of the properties that have an open house at the top of the results.

3. New Listings
Similar to the open house capabilities mentioned above, you can also sort by “New”. This will place all new listings at the top of the search results.

Hopefully these tips and tricks will make finding your next home easy using ForSaleByOwner.com. If you have any comments or suggestions please let us know as we continuously strive to improve our search.