Use It So You Don’t Lose It

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The unexpected is always such a surprise. Insurance — homeowners’ and life — guards against financial disaster. Here’s what you need to know.

Having a Pool and Your Homeowners Insurance Needs

Thoroughly inspect your pool before high use season. Make sure steps, edges, ladders, railings, drains, diving boards and any toys and equipment are safe and haven’t rusted or deteriorated since last season. If your pool is surrounded by slippery concrete, consider looking into textured surfaces made to cut down on slippage that can be added to the perimeter.

Examine patio furniture too. Check for rust, decay, sharp edges that can cut, or frayed material that could give way.

Above the Ground Floor Living Areas and Home Insurance

In warm weather, windows are open, which puts children and pets at risk. Very small children can easily injure themselves by falling out of ground-floor windows. Nail or bolt screens shut above your child’s reach. If you have no screens, collapsible versions are available at hardware stores, but they’re not the safest or sturdiest.

If windows are very old, check hardware to make sure wood hasn’t decayed to the point that locks can be easily pulled out. Remember that pets can slip through very small window openings. Collapsible screens can help guard against that, but close the window tightly over them to clamp them in.

If something seems like a potential problem, it probably will be. Fork out the money to have fences, gates or other property protectors put up before something happens. It will almost certainly be less expensive than reparations or insurance costs if something should happen.

Homeowners Insurance if You Own a Dog

Make sure they’ve had their shots. If they are confined in your yard, regularly check the condition of gates and fences for weak spots. If your dog bites someone, it could have serious implications on your homeowners insurance.

Some homeowners insurance companies will not insure people whose dogs have bite histories. If your dog exhibits any aggressive behavior, consider training or obedience school. As a last resort, consider putting your pet up for adoption or asking animal control authorities for help. Additionally, if you know of any animals you believe to be dangerous, report them to animal control.

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