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Whip your credit score into shape

Grooming your credit score is a great way to prepare for buying a house. It will help you review your spending habits and detect any errors, so can correct them before mortgage lenders use your scores to estimate the loan terms they will likely offer to you. How to review each credit report It is very […]

Who are you again? Keep your identify safe

Identity theft affects nine million people in America a year. On average, the victim ends up spending forty hours and over $400 correcting the criminal’s errors.  You don’t want your identity used to finance a thief. Here are some practical steps you can take to keep protect your identity. One of the biggest misconceptions about […]

Credit scores — who cares?

Who cares about your credit history? Think of it this way: only your mother loves you regardless. Your credit score infiltrates every corner of your financial life. • Apartments – Credit report plays an important role when taking an apartment on rent. The rental agency or the landlord would want to look for negatives in […]

How to get your credit report corrected

If you find a serious error in your credit report, you’ll want to get it corrected pronto. Here are the steps to take and even a sample letter you can tailor to demand action from the reporting agency. Step 1: Check for all discrepancies Credit reports from all three bureaus Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion can […]

No credit history? Better get one

Having no credit history is just as bad if not worse than having a bad credit history. However, you are given the advantage to establishing good credit and money-managing skills from the start. You can easily build up your credit history by following these suggestions: Open a Bank Account. A simple way to start building […]

Credit score basics

When you apply for loans, mortgages or simply a credit card your credit scores are one of the most common things a lender will use to determine their approval decision and the interest rates they will offer you. This number might not appear very important but if the credit scores are understood and managed properly […]

Housing Crisis Likely to Drag Down Credit Scores

For countless Americans struggling to make their mortgage payments, the problems have just begun. Although a loan modification or foreclosure might allow them to put their housing problems behind them, millions will be dogged for years by the aftermath — a credit score so tarnished by the housing debacle that lenders will want to avoid […]


The Golden Rules of Mortgage Lending

Home loan lenders have a saying: Follow the Golden Rules and get the gold. Here are three Golden Rules of mortgage lending. When you know your lender’s rules, you can be prepared with the right data at the right time, paving the way for a smooth application approval. The Rule: Score With Your Credit How […]


Understanding Your Credit Score

What a three-digit number says about your entire credit history. Nervous?


What Your Credit Report Says About You

3 warning signs that your credit report needs improvement.

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