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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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The Do and Don’ts of Remodeling

Homeowners often try remodeling to increase the market value to sell a house. Avoid potentially costly mistakes, and make home renovations work for you.

How to market a home by owner like an agent

How to Market Your Home Like an Agent

Did you know you can market your home like an agent? Many home sellers are intimidated by the idea of marketing their home for sale, which leads them to sell with a Realtor.

How to Calculate Average Rate of Appreciation

Knowing how to calculate the average rate of appreciation on your home can help you receive a great baseline for your asking price.

5 Scary Home Staging Mistakes to Avoid

Staging your home is one of the most important steps in preparing to sell. A home that has been expertly staged will create beautiful photos for online listings and draw buyers in during showings. If you make these scary mistakes, however, you may send buyers running.


5 Tips for Building Good Relationships with Agents

Just because you’re selling a home FSBO doesn’t mean you don’t have to worry about your relationship with real estate agents. They are very involved in their community and could be in a position to bring a lot of buyer traffic your way. Our suggestion? Treat agents with respect and you’ll reduce the chances that […]

Plant colorful flowers in front and in back.

7 Ways to Stage a Home’s Exterior

If the outside of your home makes a bad impression on potential buyers, chances of you receiving an offer that meets your expectations will diminish. Start with these steps to make your home as attractive as possible from the outside.

A bright clean bathroom says a lot about how you maintain your house. Buyers will appreciate that.

8 Photos Every Listing Should Have

Nothing is more important to your listing than great photos. Follow our tips to begin building a great listing gallery.

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