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Pricing Your Home For Sale in 8 Steps

Nothing is more important to your home sale price than setting the right price. Follow these guidelines as you move toward determining your listing price.


8 Easy Home Selling Tips

Why sell your home yourself? Selling a home by yourself, without an expensive real estate broker, is easier than most people think, but it will take some work on your part. You will be doing a lot of things that a real estate agent might normally do. Follow the step-by-step selling guide, and you’ll […]

Make sure every room is well lit. Have a fireplace? Be ready to light a fire when buyers visit to showcase your home's warmth and added ambiance

6 Quick Tips for Getting Your House Ready for a Showing

You’ll find that keeping your house ready for visitors between appointments and open houses will make your life much easier. Follow these tips to always be prepared.

Store excess kitchen items and arrange what you need to keep in an eye-pleasing fashion.

Top 6 Ways to Stage a Home’s Interior on a Budget

Before buyers start calling or you host an open house, get your home for sale into top shape. First impressions last. Help buyers envision making your home their home by starting with these six home staging ideas.

2014-05_Infographic_FSBO_Home Improvement-V3

Home Improvement Projects with the Biggest Payoff [Infographic]

Before you call the contractor (or pick up the hammer), find out which home repairs, renovations and remodels reap the most rewards. To view, download and print Home Improvement Projects with the Biggest Payoff [Infographic] as a PDF, click here.

The New Path to Homeownership panel

The New Path to Homeownership [Infographic]

The path to homeownership now starts on the computer (or tablet or smartphone) screen. Here’s the data you need to know before sharing your home listing with the world.

5 Signs of a Savvy Negotiator panel

5 Signs of a Savvy Negotiator [Infographic]

Got an offer? Great. Now it’s time to negotiate with the buyer to reach a deal that will make you both happy. Here are five ways to be professional and prepared in your discussions.


Broaden Your Buyer Audience with Social Media

If you are selling your home by owner, you are the primary marketer of your home. One of the best ways to broaden your appeal these days is communicating through social media. Facebook is a great place to start. You probably already have a Facebook account, and it’s a place to instantly recruit your friends […]

7 Steps to Closing the Sale panel

7 Steps to Closing the Sale [Infographic]

From accepting an offer to signing on the dotted line, here is a step-by-step guide to closing on your home sale.

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5 Great Marketing Tips to Attract More Home Buyers [Video]

These effective marketing tips will bring home buyers to your door.

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