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Price Cuts Mount as Condos Linger in Chicago

A trio of condo developments — one small, one medium and one large — announced price cuts recently as the market readjusts in a post-tax credit market and lenders show their nervousness about the summer selling season.

New Florida Laws Can Make Renters Pay Homeowner Association Fees

Florida law allows homeowner associations to pursue condo renters, not just landlords, for overdue fees.

Florida Passes Association Reform

Florida passes sweeping condominium homeowners association reform bill.


Do What He Did: How Jason Fisher Sold His Condo By Owner

How a Milwaukee condo owner sealed a FSBO sale.

Federal Rules Wreak Havoc on Condo Sales

Unlike Federal Home Administration-insured mortgages for single-family homes, FHA loans for buying a condo are more complicated.

Condo Deals Die in Shadows of Financially Distressed Buildings

People buying a condo need to be aware of the building’s financial health before being approved for a loan.


Some Disputes Need Board Intervention, Others to be Settled By Owners

When neighbor-to-neighbor conflicts occur in shared communities, who is responsible for settling them — the owners, the condo associations or both?


Condo Can-Do: The Surprising Advantages of Selling Condos By Owner

Selling condos by owner offers some surprising advantages.


Buying Condos By Owner: Need to Know

If the units you’re interested in are not officially on the market…ask! Use this checklist for buying a condo without an agent.


Selling a Condo By Owner: What You Need to Know to Go FSBO

Use this checklist to navigate the unique steps to selling a condo by owner.

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