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Give Green, Get Green

  Cleaning and organizing projects around the house typically includes cleaning out cramped closets, boxing up clothes and getting to that cluttered garage. Instead of sending a truckload off to a landfill, create a second life for your extra and outgrown stuff. There’s just something satisfying about a clean closet. As you organize, you might have […]

Get Your Money Back!

Recoup Your Reinvestment in Repair and Renovation Homeowners face a dicey dynamic. With home values eroding, they need to target repair and renovation for the greatest short-term payback, should they put their houses up for sale shortly thereafter. “Sale contracts can fall apart because of peeling paint, roof leaks, and noncompliance with local building codes.  […]

Green Message Must Be Spelled Out

A newly formed company thinks the beacon that will attract homebuyers to its patch of dirt in New Lenox isn’t a clubhouse or walking paths, the extras that once drew attention to new subdivisions, but 30-foot-tall vertical-axis wind turbines. Prairie Ridge Estates, as envisioned by local developers Jim and Phil Regan, could just possibly become […]

Get Green!

Red Lodge, Montana — Matt and Marianne McClain are “going green,” renting a house outfitted with the latest in environmentally friendly upgrades. The house is for sale by owner, but a little out of their price range. Would the energy savings bring it within their reach? Likely not. Unless the home is completely off the […]

Off the Grid, On the Market, Sold!

Off the grid? What grid? The little casita in the middle of the desert is about as isolated as you can get in this century. Solar panels power the pump that draws water from 1,000 feet below the sand. Solar panels heat that water. The toilet composts. The stove uses propane. Heat stays out and […]

Shades of Green in Remodeling

Home improvement season has begun in earnest, as evidenced by the number of Dumpsters parked outside residences and major appliances waiting for the scrap truck. Spending on home remodeling projects is expected to rise almost 5 percent this year, and that would be the first annual spending increase since 2006, according to data recently released […]


Sweet! Kitchen Upgrades That Add Functionality and Value

Clever cabinetry and clean countertops are just a few features couples with kitchen smarts are looking for.

Two Grand Can Make Your House Grand, Too

For $2,000, you can replace your kitchen countertops or retile your bathroom — maybe even both, depending on your chosen materials. You’ll increase the value of your home and bask daily in the glow of shiny new surfaces. But isn’t that a little conventional? How about taking that same $2,000 and venturing beyond the obvious. […]

Right Price, Smart Negotiating: Sold in One Day!

Jane Eanes didn’t want to sell the Pittsburgh-area house that she and her husband Russ had custom-built just two years before, in 2009.  It was designed for easy and efficient living, right down to the geothermal system that kept heating bills to $30 a month. But a sudden job relocation forced the couple to put […]

In With the Old: Build New with Architectural Antiques

Anchor a stairway with an antique cast-iron newel post. Dress a window with vintage schoolhouse maps instead of shades. Turn a jettisoned apothecary cabinet into a bathroom vanity. Adorn walls with mantels from previous lives.Use those tips and many more from “Extraordinary Interiors: Decorating with Architectural Salvage & Antiques” by Brian Coleman, and everything old […]

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