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How Can ForSaleByOwner Help Me Find My Dream Home?

You’ve searched and searched to find the house of your dreams, the one that draws you in with every defining detail like it was destined to be yours. And then you find it, but it’s sporting a striking red and white sign with “For Sale By Owner” emblazoned on it. To some, this statement can be […]

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Things Homebuyers Should Never Say During an Open House

Touring open houses in a quest to find your new home is exciting for any homebuyer. And while it’s necessary to ask questions while checking out a home, there are some comments potential buyers should keep to themselves. First, real estate agents, the home’s sellers and the neighbors all have a vested interest in what […]


Fix and Flip, or Buy and Hold? 8 Questions to Help You Decide

Fix and flip, or buy and hold? That is the question. Unfortunately, the answer is sometimes less obvious than most of us would like it to be. When it comes to deciding which type of real estate investing is “better,” there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. That’s the bad news. The good news is that there is […]


5 Easy Ways to Pay Off Your Mortgage Faster

Do you dream of the day you pay off your home loan? You can realize that dream three, five, ten or even fifteen years faster with a few alternatives. Here’s how. 1. Refinance and Reinvest The average mortgage rates in 2014 have been about four percent for 30-year fixed loans; 15-year fixed loans and 5/1 […]

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3 Things Millennial Home Buyers Want

What can sellers do to appeal to Millennial home buyers? Karen Lawson of LendingTree looks at what members of Generation Y want from their new home and why sellers should market to those desires. Millennials (loosely-defined as those individuals born between 1981 and 1996, also known as Generation Y) face obstacles to home ownership that […]


How to Estimate Repair Costs with a Fix-and-Flip Investment Property

You’re new to flipping houses, and you’ve already heard your share of warnings about one of the biggest pitfalls in the business: underestimating repair costs. Those warnings are true. Unexpected repair costs are going to find their way out of the woodwork when you flip a house, regardless of how careful you are. But that […]

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The Reverse Mortgage, Baby Boomers and Downsizing

57 percent of Baby Boomers plan to move out of their current home, according to a recent survey from Better Homes and Gardens. How will almost 44 million Boomers afford moving into the home they believe will be the best they have ever lived in? Peter Andrew of LendingTree shows how downsizing and reverse mortgages […]


2015 Mortgage Rate Forecast: Fasten Your Seat Belts!

Whether you plan on buying or selling a home in the coming year, insight from an expert on where mortgage rates are heading can help you prepare for success in 2015. Gina Pogol, Senior Marketing Manager for LendingTree forecasts what the New Year has in store for the mortgage industry. Predicting mortgage rates is a […]

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5 Key Questions Home Buyers Forget to Ask

There’s more to a home than the specs and listing details. Whether you work with an agent or talk directly to the owner, knowing the answers to these questions before you make an offer will help you evaluate properties and get to closing faster. 1. “What are the neighbors like?” Are your neighbors friendly? Are […]


4 Ways to Sell Your Home During the Holidays

There was a time when having a home on the market during the holidays was unthinkable. With buyers preoccupied by cooking, shopping and traveling, conventional wisdom said that house hunters would never have the time to search listings and visit open houses. Today’s buyers, however, can search for homes while making Thanksgiving dinner, on a […]