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Storage Solutions for the Growing Family

Babies might be small, but they take up a lot of space. There’s the crib, furniture, toys, stroller, diaper bag, clothes, car seat, bathtub, wipes, powders, medicines and the list goes on. If you’re already living in cramped quarters then storing everything your baby needs means getting creative. Here are a few storage solutions to help you make room for your growing family.

Bathroom sink with flowers and mirror

Expert Home Staging Tips: Keep It Clean

What’s the most crucial part of home staging? Getting your home clean and keeping it that way. The care and condition of your home alerts potential buyers to the beauty (or the beast) they will be inheriting if they choose to purchase your home, so when you’re preparing and staging your home to sell, you […]

Cleaning a kitchen sink with gloves on

Expert Home Staging Tips: Cast Out Evil Odors

Which smells can stop a home sale? Knowing the odors and aromas you should utilize or eliminate when staging your home for sale can help you turn a house hunter into a homebuyer. Darlene Parris, Interior Redesigner, Organizer and Home Stager with Los Angeles-based UPSTAGED!, guides you through how to cast out evil odors and […]

Living room with modern design

Expert Home Staging Tips: How to Depersonalize Your Home

What’s one of the most important elements to success when selling your home by owner? Getting buyers to imagine your home as their home. Depersonalizing your home for sale is essential to creating a welcoming atmosphere for potential buyers. Darlene Parris, Owner, Home Stager and Interior Redesigner of Los Angeles-based UPSTAGED!, guides you through the […]

Staged living room after it has been decluttered

Expert Home Staging Tips: Decluttering Is King

Want to sell your home faster? Proper home staging decreases the amount of time your home spends on the market by 78 percent compared to a non-staged property, according to Real Estate Staging Association statistics. This expert tip on decluttering from Darlene Parris, Interior Redesigner, Organizer and Home Stager with Los Angeles-based UPSTAGED!, can help […]