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5 Steps to Stunning Curb Appeal

Ethan Roberts is a real estate writer, editor and investor. He’s a frequent contributor to InvestorPlace.com, and his work has been featured on Money.msn.com and Reuters.com. He’s been investing in real estate since 1995 and has been a Realtor since 1998. He also teaches classes on investing in residential real estate. Whether your goal is […]

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5 Scary Home Staging Mistakes to Avoid

Staging your home is one of the most important steps in preparing to sell. A home that has been expertly staged will create beautiful photos for online listings and draw buyers in during showings. If you make these scary mistakes, however, you may send buyers running.

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6 DIY Home Staging Projects for Any Budget

Looking to stage your home for sale on your own and on a budget? These six home staging tricks are simple and cost-effective solutions that any home seller can tackle in a weekend. Preparing your home for sale can be a lengthy process that might require home improvement projects as well as days of decluttering […]

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Expert Home Staging Tips: Keep It Clean

What’s the most crucial part of home staging? Getting your home clean and keeping it that way. The care and condition of your home alerts potential buyers to the beauty (or the beast) they will be inheriting if they choose to purchase your home, so when you’re preparing and staging your home to sell, you […]

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Expert Home Staging Tips: Cast Out Evil Odors

Which smells can stop a home sale? Knowing the odors and aromas you should utilize or eliminate when staging your home for sale can help you turn a house hunter into a homebuyer. Darlene Parris, Interior Redesigner, Organizer and Home Stager with Los Angeles-based UPSTAGED!, guides you through how to cast out evil odors and […]

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