Most Popular Homes For Sale By Owner in May

Interested buyers flocked to these five homes for sale by owner in May. What did these sellers do to get so much attention?


Women Breaking New Ground as Real Estate Investors

Ethan Roberts is a real estate writer, editor and investor. He’s a frequent contributor to, and his work has been featured on and He was one of five contributing editors to and has also written for and He’s been investing in real estate since 1995 and a Realtor since […]

Gen X couple in front of sold home for sale

By-Owner Sellers Share the Secrets to FSBO Success

Saving the 6 percent commission they would have paid a real estate agent is a major factor in why so many people are satisfied they took the FSBO approach in selling their home. But there are other reasons why by-owner sellers embraced online services like Here by-owner sellers share the secrets to their success […]

Foreclosure homes for sale

Buying Foreclosures in Any Market

Joel Cone is a freelance writer based in south Orange County, California. For nearly a quarter century Joel’s career — both as a journalist and as a marketing communications specialist — has focused on the residential and commercial real estate industries, as well as the legal community. After a decade as a staff writer for […]


How FSBO Sellers Work With a Buyer’s Agent

Although a few by-owner sellers are able to completely bypass agents, it’s generally in your best interest to not only seek them out, but use them as partner who, like you, are leveraging the power of the local MLS. “The key to these relationships is that it’s all about cooperation,” says Derek Morgan, manager of […]


How FSBO Sellers Can Get the Same Exposure as Agents

More than 80 percent of homes sold are on the MLS, so it makes good business sense for FSBO sellers to think and market like agents — and respect what they bring to the table. But because by-owner sellers have so many resources at their command these days, they can successfully accomplish the tasks of […]

Man evaluating a home for sale

How to Design an Online Listing That Draws the Most Buyers

Nothing attracts a shopper’s attention like a good price and a pretty picture, and the same is true when it comes to home sales. Online services are a great way for a seller to reach thousands of prospective buyers — but if your listing ad is poorly written, has blurry photos and an inflated asking […]

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Your Start-to-Finish Checklist for Selling a Home

A good roadmap is the key to any journey, especially one on a road you’ve never traveled. Because selling a home by owner is a new experience for many, five simple steps can ensure a smooth and satisfying trip. Ready? Let’s go. Deciding to Sell Your Home Sometimes a homeowner has no choice but to […]

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Never Keep a Potential Home Buyer Waiting

So you want to sell your home on your own. You better be sure that you’re motivated to do so. While there may be occasional success stories about sellers who took a blasé approach to selling their homes on their own, the majority of by-owner sellers will tell you they’ve had a steady focus on […]