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Dog-Friendly Homes Present New Opportunities for Sellers

Roberta Billings says dogs have always been a huge part of her life, so much so that when Billings moves into a new residence, she makes sure to accommodate her two Great Danes and her collie. “I created space for them in all of the places I’ve lived,” says Billings, 54. “They’re my companions.” Billings, […]


4 Tips that Will Transform Your Move from Stressful to Efficient

Streamline your move beforehand to make the moving process as stress-free as possbile.


How to Stage Your Home While Packing

Here are a few strategic ways to stage your home and pack up to move simultaneously.


5 Simple Tasks to Do Before Moving Day

Get a move on moving day with this easy and efficient checklist.

5 Moving-Day Tips that Make Moving Out Easy

Do your homework ahead of time to make moving day as painless as possible.

Moving and Choosing Your Child’s New School

If you’re moving with kids, these tips on changing schools will help you find the perfect scholastic environment for your son or daughter.


How to Coordinate a House Closing and a Move

Here are four smart tips for how to keep your house closing and moving process quick and easy.

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When to Schedule Movers in the Home Selling Process

Make the moving process as painless as possible.

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