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Things Homebuyers Should Never Say During an Open House

Touring open houses in a quest to find your new home is exciting for any homebuyer. And while it’s necessary to ask questions while checking out a home, there are some comments potential buyers should keep to themselves. First, real estate agents, the home’s sellers and the neighbors all have a vested interest in what […]


How FSBO Sellers Can Get the Same Exposure as Agents

More than 80 percent of homes sold are on the MLS, so it makes good business sense for FSBO sellers to think and market like agents — and respect what they bring to the table. But because by-owner sellers have so many resources at their command these days, they can successfully accomplish the tasks of […]

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Always Be Closing: Work-Live Space Closes a FSBO Home Sale

Aaron Stanton has been working out of his home office for the past 23 years. The location of that home office has changed a few times, but Stanton’s basic need for a personal space to work from has remained the same. “I sell industrial materials for a variety of vendors, so I spend some of […]


Selling a Single-Family Home With Big Appeal

If your house has a piece of furniture or art that’s prominently featured, it might be a good idea to work with it instead of against it when staging your home to sell. That’s what Fort Myers, Florida, resident Laura Brown did. Or at least that’s what she did when she decided to let the […]

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How to Design an Online Listing That Draws the Most Buyers

Nothing attracts a shopper’s attention like a good price and a pretty picture, and the same is true when it comes to home sales. Online services are a great way for a seller to reach thousands of prospective buyers — but if your listing ad is poorly written, has blurry photos and an inflated asking […]

Fresh Baked Goods Turn House Hunters Into Home Buyers

Anyone who has ever bought a home knows that there can be small, almost indescribable things that draw you to a particular house. Whether it’s a child playing next door in the front yard or a bird chirping happily in a nearby tree, prospective home buyers often tap into tiny details that give them that […]

Don’t Miss Open House Weekend on April 20-21

Here’s your chance to be a part of something big this month: Join realtors across the country as they participate in the 2013 Nationwide Open House Weekend on April 20-21. This event couldn’t come at a better time. Now that tax season is over, buyers will be exploring your neighborhood with their tax refunds in […]