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4 Ways to Prepare for Real Estate’s Black Friday

House hunters’ biggest shopping day comes right after the holidays. Will your listing be ready?

Plant colorful flowers in front and in back.

7 Ways to Stage a Home’s Exterior

If the outside of your home makes a bad impression on potential buyers, chances of you receiving an offer that meets your expectations will diminish. Start with these steps to make your home as attractive as possible from the outside.

A bright clean bathroom says a lot about how you maintain your house. Buyers will appreciate that.

8 Photos Every Listing Should Have

Nothing is more important to your listing than great photos. Follow our tips to begin building a great listing gallery.


Pricing Your Home For Sale in 8 Steps

Nothing is more important to your home sale price than setting the right price. Follow these guidelines as you move toward determining your listing price.

Make sure every room is well lit. Have a fireplace? Be ready to light a fire when buyers visit to showcase your home's warmth and added ambiance

6 Quick Tips for Getting Your House Ready for a Showing

You’ll find that keeping your house ready for visitors between appointments and open houses will make your life much easier. Follow these tips to always be prepared.

Store excess kitchen items and arrange what you need to keep in an eye-pleasing fashion.

Top 6 Ways to Stage a Home’s Interior on a Budget

Before buyers start calling or you host an open house, get your home for sale into top shape. First impressions last. Help buyers envision making your home their home by starting with these six home staging ideas.

If your chimney is not capped, take care of that. It’s an easy fix and a chimney with no cap is noticeable.

5 Simple Outside Repairs to Prepare Your Home for Sale

Your first step in preparing your home for showings and open houses is assessing what needs to be fixed or upgraded, inside and outside. Getting your home into top shape will go a long way toward a sale that meets your goals.


5 Simple Inside Repairs to Prepare Your Home for Sale

Take a close look at the inside of your home and repair/make upgrades that buyers will notice. Here are five tips to help you along the way.


Prepare Your Home for Photos and Visitors

Buyers want to see what they are getting with your house. Before you take photos that will attract buyers, you’ll need to stage your rooms. And before you stage your rooms, you’ll need to declutter your home. Decluttering clears out extraneous, distracting materials and furnishings so buyers can quickly see the features of the house. […]