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How to Calculate Average Rate of Appreciation

Knowing how to calculate the average rate of appreciation on your home can help you receive a great baseline for your asking price.

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Your Start-to-Finish Checklist for Selling a Home

A good roadmap is the key to any journey, especially one on a road you’ve never traveled. Because selling a home by owner is a new experience for many, five simple steps can ensure a smooth and satisfying trip. Ready? Let’s go. Deciding to Sell Your Home Sometimes a homeowner has no choice but to […]

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Never Keep a Potential Home Buyer Waiting

So you want to sell your home on your own. You better be sure that you’re motivated to do so. While there may be occasional success stories about sellers who took a blasé approach to selling their homes on their own, the majority of by-owner sellers will tell you they’ve had a steady focus on […]


The Best Lessons Learned from Real Estate Mistakes

One of the perks of selling your own home is the autonomy to make all of the decisions. Of course, with that power comes risk. But even in cases of potentially bad strategies or choices, the buck still stops with you. And when the strategies work out, well, you get to bask in all the […]

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The Biggest Mistake Home Sellers Make

When people learn that Eddie Tyner is general manager of, one of several online services that help sellers bypass real estate agents and their 6 percent commissions, they always ask if FSBO really works. “The first thing people ask is, can they sell a home themselves?” Tyner says. “I tell them unequivocally that it […]

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Boost Sales with Home Staging Strategies from the Pros

As the spring and summer selling season begins, careful attention to a property’s appearance from the outside in will mean faster sales and higher asking prices, home-staging experts tell by-owner sellers. Some 95 percent of homes staged by the group’s members sell in an average of 11 days or less and for 17 percent more […]