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15 Things to Check Off Your Showing a Home For Sale To Do List

Showing your home is crucial to a home sale, but it takes some work to get it right. From preparing your home with a thorough cleaning to collecting feedback from house hunters after the viewing, you’ll want to have a plan in place from the start. Give yourself the edge and follow this printable checklist […]

Put in the time to improve your bathrooms. Buyers will notice.

Indoor Home Improvement Projects to Consider To-Do List

As an initial step in preparing your home for visitors, take a critical look at the inside and make repairs and upgrades you feel are necessary before showing your home. For instance: Consider painting where needed. Earth tones and neutral colors sell best. Decide whether flooring needs to be repaired or upgraded. Identify and repair […]

Start by taking a good look, from the outside so you can see what house hunters will see. Then make improvements or enhancements that will make your home look great when buyers arrive.

Outdoor Home Improvement Projects To-Do List

Before you begin fixing, decluttering and staging your home in preparation for visitors, take a critical look at the outside then make a list of repairs and upgrades you feel are necessary before showing your home. For instance: Remove landscaping and or trees that block the view of what buyers are paying for. “Compliment” the […]

Do a self-inspection of your home so you are aware of any problems before the buyer’s inspector arrives.

Check it Off: Take Care of These Items Before You Show Your Home

Planning to sell your home in the near future? Here are some quick tips to help you prepare to invite buyers into your house. Make repairs or improvements. Replace broken tiles, fix leaky faucets and ceiling cracks, and resurface driveways, etc. Rent a storage unit to store excess furniture. Most homes show better with less […]

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Price Your Home To-Do List

New listings receive the most attention within the first 30 days. One of the most important things any home seller must do is price their property correctly. To arrive at the right asking price, conduct your own Comparative Market Analysis. Compare your home to similar homes currently listed on the market by researching listing websites, […]


Review Your Finances To-Do List

Before you decide on your sale price, prepare your home for sale, or start marketing your listing, review your financial situation to feel confident about your decision to sell your house and move into a new home. Do a preliminary assessment of your home’s value. Gather your mortgage documents to determine how much you owe […]