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  • You save: $18,000

    Average Home: $300,000

    Agent Commission: 3-6%

  • Over $1 billion in home sales

    from January - June 2013

  • More than 85,000 visits a day

    based on Google Analytics

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All of Our Packages Include:

Basic Listing Features
  • High-quality online property listing
  • Placed on, with nearly 2 million visitors per month
  • Post 6 color photos
  • Write a 1,000 word property description
  • Add a virtual tour link
Professional Printable Property Flyers Flyers are a "must have" tool to sell your home. Buyers respond to seeing a summary sheet displaying the selling points of your property. With a simple click, you can turn your online ad into a beautiful property flyer that you can print right at home. The flyer prints on standard 8.5" x 11" paper which fits in the brochure dispenser.
Home Selling Workbook Can you sell your home on your own? Yes! Our easy to use Home Selling Workbook walks you through the "For Sale By Owner" process step-by-step and gives you the know-how to confidently market and sell your property on your own.
Online Listing Tools We give you unlimited acccess to edit your ad, change your price, add photos, schedule open houses and track how many people have viewed your online ad. You're in control of your listing 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
Our e-Flyer can generate a lot of additional exposure for your property. We provide you a tool to post your listing into Craigslist and similar sites, complete with your photos, description, and links to your listing. No more uploading photos and re-writing your description every seven days.

Some Packages Include:

Until Sold Listing The average home takes around 5-6 months to sell - if not longer. Having an "Until Sold" listing allows you to keep your property online indefinitely for a flat fee.
Yard Sign Kit Our Yard Sign Kit comes with a heavy-duty sign and a weatherproof brochure dispenser to make it easy for buyers to get information about your property. Interested buyers can pick up a flyer as they drive by, then go online to learn more. You also receive a directional sign, perfect to use during open houses or everyday to help direct interested buyers to your property.
Increased Exposure We partner with a vast network of national and local sites to provide your property with the most online exposure available. Your home will be posted as a non-featured listing on Zillow and Yahoo Real Estate, as well as in the real estate sections of Facebook, Wal-Mart, AOL and many other high traffic sites.
Unlimited Photos You'll be able to upload as many photos as you would like! Having photographs is a proven way to generate a better response from potential buyers. Listings with more than 6 photos are 10% more likely to sell your home than those without.
Online Privacy and Security Since your privacy is one of our top priorities, we offer a secure voicemail message center and an e-mail forwarding service to keep your contact information private as you communicate with interested parties, allowing you to reveal your identity only to serious homebuyers.
Access to Our Consultation Line Need marketing advice from a professional? We have a real estate professional standing by to assist you with the basics of selling "For Sale By Owner".
Video Displaying a video is one of the best ways to market your property online. We provide two options for posting a video, uploading your own video or creating a video with your pictures. You can upload your own video and customize it with captions and key points. Alternatively, by utilizing up to 12 photos you can create a video showcase with a customized script. Posting a video to your listing will attract more potential buyers and help you sell your home quickly. See samples of a uploaded video and video showcase .
Post Your Home in Your Local MLS Reach more potential buyers by advertising your property on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and for 6 months. Many buyers use agents to find a property, and those agents use the MLS to locate properties for sale. By offering a buyer's agent a 2-3% commission, you are 25% more likely to sell you home and speed up the sale of your home. Of course, if you sell your home directly to a buyer (without an buyer's agent) you would pay no commission at all! Learn more about selling your home on the MLS and [+].
What Happens After You Purchase the MLS? Below is a quick overview of what to expect when you purchase an MLS listing on
  • Step 1: Purchase a package that includes an MLS listing.
  • Step 2: Your broker affiliate will contact you through e-mail within 2 business days with instructions on how to complete the MLS paperwork.
  • Step 3: Complete the paperwork and fax it back to your broker affiliate. You must indicate what you are willing to pay a buyer's agent - between 2-3% of the sale price of your home.
  • Step 4: The broker affiliate will post six photos of your property on the MLS and The broker affiliate will provide instructions on how to submit your photos to them. It is highly recommended that you post photos for maximum results.
  • Step 5: Once your completed paperwork is submitted to the broker affiliate, your property will be placed on your local MLS within 1 business day. You will receive e-mail notification from your broker affiliate that your home has been successfully listed in the MLS, along with a copy of your listing to review.
  • Step 6: Your property will be uploaded to within 72 hours of being listed on the MLS. Note: is not the MLS, but a stand alone website for Real Estate Agents to expose their MLS listings to the public.
Important Information About Your MLS Listing Duration of MLS Listing: Your listing will remain on the MLS and for 6 months or until your property sells - whichever occurs first. Remember! You always retain the right to sell your property by owner and never pay any commission. Editing Your Listing
  • You may make 2 edits to your MLS listing during your listing period, free of charge.
  • Additional revisions can be made for a fee of $25 per change.
  • Changes to the price or status (sold or under contract) of your MLS listing are always free of charge.
  • All edits must be submitted to your broker affiliate in writing.
  • Your broker affiliate will make the requested changes within 24 hours.
  • It may take up to 10 days for changes to your MLS listing to be reflected on
Posting Photos on the MLS Six photos may be uploaded to the MLS and (the same photos will be posted on both). You will need to send your photos to your assigned broker affiliate. They will provide you instructions on how to do this. Additional photos will be available for purchase through your Selling Center. MLS Affiliated Sites There are many MLS affiliated websites across the country that post MLS listings. Your property may be listed on one or more additional MLS affiliated websites giving you extra exposure! Keep in mind, neither nor the broker affiliate are affiliated with these private websites and cannot control whether or not your listing is posted on any particular website. Please be sure to view our Terms and Conditions for additional information and terms. Showcase Listing Advertise your property on - the #1 real estate website! Use a Showcase Listing to greatly increase your property's exposure without placing it in your local MLS. is the country's most popular real estate site, and a Showcase Listing puts your property in front of its 5 million monthly visitors.

Everything you need to sell your property . . .

Online Classified $0 to $200+ for 1 week Newspaper Classified $50 to $200+ per ad $80.95 to $809 Discount Agent $7,500* 2-3% of sale Agent $15,000* 5-6%
Limited Exposure          
Full Exposure          
Live Customer Support          
Real Estate Agent          
Yard Sign          
Step-by-Step Guidance          
Printable Flyers          
Control of Your Listing          
Home Selling Guarantee          
* Based on the median U.S. home price of $250,000.

After Purchasing a Package, Here's What You'll Do...

1. Educate Yourself provides you with guidance, support and a step-by-step process to make it easy for you to sell your property "For Sale By Owner."

Understanding how to successfully sell "for sale by owner" is the first and most important step in selling your own home. We educate you through our Home Selling Workbook, Instructional DVD, eBook, and other helpful resources.

Our Home Selling Workbook provides an easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructional guide to keep you on track during the entire home-selling process. Once you feel confident about the sales process, you can get started. A little bit of preparation and organization will go a long way when it comes to selling your home.

2. Prepare and Market Your Home

Marketing your property involves more than just sticking a sign in your yard. Achieve maximum exposure for your property.

We will help you with pricing your home properly. The Property Pricing Report, included with most packages, will instantly compare your home to other houses in the area based on recent sales data. You will also receive a complete report of similar homes that were sold recently, including purchase price and closing dates, which will help you set the price of your home.

Our Home Selling Workbook will guide you through getting your house in good shape, simple home repairs, and show you how to stage your home like a professional.

With millions of visitors each month, is the most visited by owner website in the country and is one of the most popular of all real estate sites. Considering that more than 90% of home buyers use the Internet as part of their search, is the ideal place to advertise your property. We also offer additional exposure by listing your property on other high-traffic sites. For even greater reach, we offer MLS (Multiple Listing Service) listings in most areas. Beyond local MLS listings, we offer the ability to advertise your property on, with or without a local MLS listing.

3. Work with Buyers and Offers

With direct buyer contacts and showings, you stay in control!

Through your listing and the additional exposure we provide through our partner sites, yard signs and flyers, potential buyers will contact you directly.

Our how-to workbook will teach you how to handle buyer contacts, show your property and follow up with prospective buyers. We'll give you an open house checklist and sign-in sheet so that you can host a professional open house.

As you receive offers and counteroffers, our workbook makes it easy. We'll provide you with tips on negotiating with buyers and explain what to do when a buyer makes an offer.

4. Paperwork and Finishing the Sale

You have a buyer and an offer, now what do you do? Our workbook takes you through the steps all the way to closing.

Pair our Home Seller's Workbook with our online database of Real Estate Professionals and you will be at the closing in no time. We'll walk you through the final steps, explain the basics of financing, give you estimated closing costs and a closing checklist to keep you organized on the big day.

Once you have sold your own home and saved thousands of dollars, you will never do it any other way. Get started now and see just how easy it is to sell "For Sale By Owner."

We're the best all-around way to sell a property.

Save Thousands Your property is your largest financial asset, which is why you shouldn't have to hand over a large portion of your equity to a real estate agent. A 6% commission amounts to $18,000 commission on a $300,000 home. is an affordable and effective alternative to paying costly real estate commissions with packages ranging in price from $80.95 to $699. We have helped thousands of home sellers save more than $1 billion in commissions!
Exposure to Buyers Considering that more than 90% of home buyers use the Internet during their search, is the ideal place to advertise your property. With millions of visitors each month, it's the most visited website of its kind. To further increase exposure, we also place your home on other high-traffic sites, plus we offer local MLS listings in most areas.

You can also put your property in front of millions of additional potential buyers on, the country's most popular real estate site.
Step-by-Step Guidance Through our Home Selling Workbook, Instructional DVD and eBook, pricing reports and other helpful resources, we provide you with guidance and support that make it easy for you to sell or buy a home. We help you price, prepare and market you home, negotiate with buyers and take the necessary steps to complete the sale.
Live Customer Support We're here to help you! We provide live customer support to ensure you get the most out of our tools and services. 888-FOR-SALE (367-7253).
Online Privacy and Security Since your privacy is one of our top priorities, we offer a secure, toll-free voicemail message service and an e-mail forwarding service to keep your contact information private as you communicate with interested parties, allowing you to reveal your identity only to serious homebuyers.
Home Selling Guarantee Another benefit of listing your property on is our Home Selling Guarantee. If you decide you don't want to sell "For Sale By Owner" anymore, we'll connect you with a top real estate agent in your area. Then, once your home sells, we'll refund any fees you paid to us. Read more about our Home Selling Guarantee, or call 1-888-For-Sale.
* Please Note: This site is strictly for "For Sale By Owner" property transactions. Agent ads are not allowed.

I have no idea why anyone would use a realtor
at a 6 percent loss when saves both buyer and seller THOUSANDS. This is a NO brainer.—Bryan F. on 3/25/14
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