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MLS Multiple Listing Service

Below is a quick overview of what to expect when you purchase an MLS Listing from

  • Step 1: Purchase a package that includes an MLS listing or upgrade your package to include MLS.
  • Step 2: A Broker Affiliate will contact you via e-mail within 2 business days of your purchase with instructions on how to complete the MLS paperwork.
  • Step 3: You must complete the paperwork and fax it back to the Broker Affiliate. When you complete this paperwork, you must indicate what you are willing to pay the buyer's agent - this must be between 2-3% of the sale price of your home.
  • Step 4: The Broker Affiliate will post four photos of your property on the MLS and The Broker Affiliate will provide instructions on how to submit your photos to them. It is highly recommended that you post photos for maximum results.
  • Step 5: Once your paperwork is completed and submitted to the Broker Affiliate, your property will be placed on your local MLS within 3-5 business days. You will receive e-mail notification from your Broker Affiliate that your home has been successfully listed in the MLS along with a copy of your listing to review.
  • Step 6: Your property will be uploaded to within 72 hours of being listed on the MLS. Note: is not the MLS, but a stand alone website for Realtors to expose their MLS listings to the public.

Please note: This process may vary slightly based upon the geographic location of your property due to variances in the rules of MLS boards around the country, which are beyond the control of There are additional fees in some areas. is not available in Virginia Beach, VA.

Please contact Customer Support for rules and regulations in your area.

Our by-owner-friendly brokers have chosen to forego a commission-based business model and work for a flat fee so they can have a higher volume of customers.

There are additional fees in some areas due to variances in the rules of MLS boards around the country, which are beyond the control of

Please contact Customer Support for rules and regulations in your area.

You decide the amount you are willing to pay between 2-3% of the sale price of your home.
Yes. Our Broker Affiliate has already agreed to list the property for a flat fee so the listing commission is no longer a factor. The buyer's agent will get the full 2-3% if they bring a buyer, which is equal to a full commission.
You will be in charge of all property showings. If a potential buyer is interested in your property their agent will contact you directly to set-up a showing of your property.

More Exposure! Many buyers use real estate agents, and these agents use the MLS as their main tool to find homes for their buyers. You benefit from listing your home on the MLS because you gain tremendous exposure to tens of thousands of agents and their potential buyers.

Keep control and Save Money! Enjoy the benefits and cost savings inherent in the "For Sale By Owner" method while at the same time giving your home the additional exposure of the MLS. The flat fee you pay to get your home on the local MLS is considerably less than the thousands you would pay in traditional commission.

You will be the "Showing Contact" on the MLS, meaning that buyer’s agents will contact you directly if they would like to show your property to a potential buyer. does not allow seller information to be displayed on their site because they cater to real estate professionals and have strict guidelines regarding property listings. Additionally, they make money by selling advertising and marketing packages to real estate agents. Real estate agents purchase these services based on the promise that they'll receive buyer leads directly.

If a potential buyer is interested in your property they can contact any real estate agent and provide the MLS number listed on your ad. The buyer’s agent will then contact you directly to set-up a showing of your property.

The MLS (Multiple Listing Service) is the primary data system that most real estate agents use to market and sell property. 75% of all properties sold are sold through the MLS.

How great would it be if somehow real estate agents in your area would be notified of your listing and in essence be able to show potential buyers the property?

That is the purpose behind the MLS. It is a local database that brokers browse to find listings for potential buyers. So when you put your home on the MLS through, every real estate agent in your area will see it.

Traditionally, there were two real estate agents involved in every property transaction: the listing agent (the person who puts your property on the MLS) and the agent that actually sells the property. Typically the two agents would split the commission (generally around 6%).

With’s flat-fee MLS listing service, you can expose your property to millions of buyers and real estate agents by listing it in the MLS with a picture of your home for six months. It's no different than walking down to your local real estate agent's office and promising to pay 6% of your property’s sale price to put your home on the MLS.

Also, in addition to and the MLS your property will be listed on through their affiliation with the Multiple Listing Service. The combined number of potential buyers who visit this group of websites is estimated at over 10,000,000 per month!

After you upgrade, refers your property out to a member of our network who handles your local area. The agent does not charge a commission and will not accept a commission for the service (we pay our network Real Estate Agent a flat fee to list your property). With the listing agent's commission out of the picture only the buyer's agent is left to pay. Obligating you to pay only 2-3% when the property sells!

And, of course, if a buyer contacts you through you don't have to pay any commission whatsoever.

For more information please contact Customer Support.

You can post four photos on the MLS and (the same photos will be posted on both). You will need to send your photos to your assigned Broker Affiliate. They will provide you instructions on how to do this. Additional photos may be available for purchase through your MLS broker at the price of $10 - $20 each.
Your listing will remain on the MLS and for 6 months or until your property sells, whichever occurs first.

You can upgrade to MLS from any plan. If you currently have a listing with and you would like to purchase an MLS listing go to the Features and Upgrades page of your Selling Center for more information and to purchase. Or contact Customer Support for assistance.

*MLS is not available in all areas

In most areas, you will need to complete a standard "Listing Agreement" and in some cases an Addendum stating that you have paid the listing agent a flat fee.

Please contact Customer Support for rules and regulations in your area.

There are many MLS affiliated websites across the country that post MLS listings. Your property may be listed on one or more additional MLS affiliated websites giving you extra exposure! Keep in mind, neither nor the Broker Affiliate are affiliated with these private websites and cannot control whether or not your listing is posted on any particular website.

You may make 2 changes to your MLS listing during your listing period, free of charge! Additional revisions can be made for a fee of $25 per change. Changes to the price or status (sold or under contract) of your MLS listing are always free.

All edits must be submitted to your Broker Affiliate in writing. Your Broker Affiliate will make the requested changes within 24 hours. It may take up to 10 days for changes to your MLS listing to be reflected on