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How can I purchase additional signs and “For Sale By Owner” products?  

You can purchase signs and other "For Sale By Owner" products from our ForSaleByOwner Store. To locate the ForSaleByOwner Store from the homepage, click the Tools tab, then click the link that says ForSaleByOwner Store

Can I purchase real estate forms on your site?  

You can purchase real estate forms on ForSaleByOwner.com. To locate real estate forms from the homepage click the Tools tab at the top of any page, then click Real Estate Forms.

Can you help me find a title company, attorney or other real estate related service providers?  

ForSaleByOwner.com has a comprehensive database of professional service providers, which includes title companies, attorneys, home inspectors and, more!

Click here to visit our Service Provider Directory. To locate our Service Provider Directory from the homepage click the Tools tab at the top of any page, then click Service Providers.

How can I advertise my business on ForSaleByOwner.com?  

  • Service Provider Directory: List your business in our Service Provider Directory. Click here for more information.
  • Strategic Partnership: ForSaleByOwner.com has many opportunities for strategic partnerships with home and real estate related service companies. Click here to partner with us.
  • Banner advertising opportunities are available! To advertise with us, click here.

Using Our Mobile App  

Q. If you save preferences via the app does it update any preferences you have saved via  desktop computer to your forsalebyowner.com account?
Not yet, though we’re working on it!

Q:  Does the app show the same information as the ForSaleByOwner.com web site?
Yes. You can get the address, seller contact information, price, room descriptions, and photos all on your iPhone with the ForSaleByOwner.com mobile app. This makes it easy to narrow down your list of potential properties and arrange to see the houses you are most interested in.

Q: Can I search by price or other criteria?
You bet.  You can search by:
• Distance (from the location where you are using the app)
• Asking price
• City
• Property type – such as single family home or condo
• Square footage
• Number of bathrooms and bedrooms
• When the listing was posted
• Upcoming open houses

Q:  Does the app ‘know’ where I am?
Yes, the ForSaleByOwner.com mobile app uses your phone’s built-in GPS function to find you, then to find ForSaleByOwner.com listings near you.  You can then sort those listings by price, size and other characteristics.

Q: What if I want to use the app to review ForSaleByOwner.com listings in another locale from where I am at the time?
Simply enter in the location and the app will pull up  ForSaleByOwner.com listings there.

Q: Can I contact the seller through the app?
Of course! The ForSaleByOwner.com mobile app lets you instantly connect with the seller, even if you are in your car outside the house at that very moment. Of course, it’s the usual courtesies of requesting showings still apply – as is true for all real estate sales, sellers typically need lead time to show their homes.

Q: Help! I ‘m interested in a house but don’t want to get lost finding it.
Rely on the  directions function to guide you from where you are to the house you want to see.

Q: How can I keep track of all the houses I am interested in?
Use the ‘favorites” function to flag to yourself your interest in particular properties. The Favorites tab will flag to you when there is an upcoming open house, a price change, or if a house on your list goes under contract.



ForSaleByOwner.com Editorial Policy  

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