“Top Five Tactics for Recouping Home Renovation and Repair Reinvestment” Equip Homeowners to Recapture the Value Added by Their Summer House Projects

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Thursday May 27, 2010

CHICAGO–(PR Newswire) — Home repair and renovation season opens this weekend.

But with real estate values eroding, it’s hard for homeowners to figure out how much time and money they should spend, especially if they hope to soon put their houses on the market.
ForSaleByOwner.com shows the way with “Top Five Tactics for Recouping Home Renovation and Repair Reinvestment,” the lead article in a package of how-to’s, tips and advice designed to help homeowners get their money after their houses sell.
The Top Five Tactics will be unveiled one at a time, starting midday Thursday, May 27, and finishing Friday afternoon, May 28, at the Education section of ForSaleByOwner.com.

The Top Five Tactics are:

#1  Anticipate FHA property condition requirements

#2 Get with the (municipal property) code

#3 Out-think the home inspector

#4 Neutralize with personality

#5: Use energy-efficiency tax credit forms as a shopping list

“Deals can fall apart because of peeling paint, roof leaks, and noncompliance with local building codes.  The FHA, in particular, has stringent requirements for the condition of the houses purchased through its programs,” says Joanne Cleaver, Senior Content Producer for ForSaleByOwner.com.  “Homeowners can set themselves up for success by anticipating the problems an inspector might find and fixing them now. Our Top Five Tactics help homeowners prioritize their summer to-do lists and pave the way for an easier home sale in the fall.”

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