Why buy your property direct from the owner?

  • Save money!
  • Many buyers are under the mistaken belief that the services of a realtor are free to the buyer. In reality, the seller is forced to inflate his/her selling price to compensate for the commission. The commission is then passed on to you (the buyer) in the form of a higher price. Hence the old adage rings true (There is no such thing as a free lunch).

  • Convenience!
  • Yes, you heard right. Dealing directly with a seller can often be much less frustrating and confusing. Would you rather learn about a house from someone who has lived there, or from someone who has most likely never seen the house before. Furthermore, once you decide upon a house, you and the seller can negotiate directly on the price, rather than going back and forth through a middleman which can often take weeks and possibly lose you the deal. With the introduction of our Real Estate by Owner Website, potential buyers use the Internet site to find the home that is just right for them.

  • Self interest!
  • The only two parties who should be of concern in a real estate transaction are the buyer and seller. Many of the complications involved in a transaction are in relation to the interest of the middleman. These interests can often be in conflict with those of the deserving parties. The middleman has an interest in getting you a house as quickly as possible, his commission is comparable whether OR NOT you get the RIGHT house at the Right price. When you shop on the open market, you retain the ultimate control. IT'S EASY! The number one real estate MYTH propagated by agents is that it is complicated and difficult. On the contrary, the most complicated and difficult part of a real estate transaction is handled by a title or escrow company. These companies are involved and PAID by you whether or not you use a real estate agent (closing costs) When presented with a proper sales contract, they will handle the transfer of title of the property. If you feel uncomfortable at any time, you can always consult an attorney (it will cost far less than 7%).

  • Saves you time!
  • You deal directly with the homeowner rather than through a third party. Communication is more direct, faster, and to the point. You will get more accomplished in a shorter length of time which means YOU CAN BE IN YOUR NEW HOME SOONER!

  • It's Easy to do!
  • Some people think that purchasing real estate from anyone other than a real estate agent or broker is difficult. This myth is very far from the truth. Purchasing "For Sale By Owner" is simple. Two groups of people are talking directly about their needs and concerns, with no "middleman" who is very disinterested because they are looking to make a lot of money for making sure a sale, any sale, happens.

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