A New Way to Protect Your Home

By ForSaleByOwner

Did you know October is National Crime Prevention month? As a homeowner, we know keeping your family and your home protected morning, noon and night is a top priority. Kelly Campbell at Protection 1 says that while there are a lot of security products to choose from, wireless motion detectors come with unique benefits that will give homeowners peace of mind.

A happy home is a safe home. In order to keep your home safe, certain precautions must be made. Traditional alarm systems are one way to keep your home and family safe, but with advanced security technology, you can actively take a stance in safeguarding your home. Wireless motion detectors are an effective and popular choice for an office or home security system. When a transmitter detects motion, that motion gets translated into an electric signal. Your device is connected to a burglar alarm that alerts you of the detected motion. These motion alarms provide a secondary line of defense for your home, with the ability to arm or disarm from multiple areas of your house.

Top 10 Benefits of Wireless Motion Detectors

  1. Little installation is required.
  2. Burglars can’t and won’t try to sabotage your security system by cutting wires (there aren’t any to cut).
  3. When severe weather causes power outages, your battery-operated system won’t fail.
  4. A long-life battery means fewer service calls, and a seven-year battery life means fewer batteries to replace.
  5. Infrared wireless motion detectors detect movement based on infrared light or heat emitted from a living creature.
  6. Have cats and dogs? Advanced features give full pet immunity to pets under 80 pounds, which means fewer false alarms.
  7. Some designs offer 360-degrees field of view with approximately 500-square feet of coverage.
  8. In addition to emitting an alarm when unwanted entry is detected, advanced systems include automatic 911 dialing.
  9. Customizable cold temperature alert settings warn you when temperatures inside your home approach the freezing point.
  10. During the daytime or times of heavy traffic in your home, you can easily deactivate the detector through the control keypad.

Protecting your home, family and valuables should be a top priority for any homeowner. Installing a wireless motion detector system in your house provides an additional level of security that most traditional home security systems do not. Knowing the benefits of wireless motion detectors will help you rest easy at night knowing you took the proper precautions to protect your loved ones.

Kelly Campbell writes for Protection 1, a leading home security company in the United States.