Keep It or Ditch It? Top 5 Areas to Organize in 2016


The New Year is a great time to purge and organize, especially if you’re putting a home on the market. A budget-friendly way to prepare a home for sale is to organize it, a difficult task for some homeowners.

Getting a handle on your mess will help you gain valuable square footage and properly show off all of your home’s positive features. So get ready to roll up those sleeves and tackle the top five items to keep organized while on the market:

1. Mail & Paperwork
Mail, newspapers and magazines can pile up quickly and become overwhelming if neglected. Create a system to help you manage the clutter. Deal with the mail as soon as you bring it in, throw out junk mail immediately instead of setting it aside and have storage or filing system for current bills and other important information.

2. Toys
If you have kids, you have toys and lots of them! When selling your home it’s crucial to have a designated area for the toys and only keep out the ones they play with. If there is a stockpile of toys your kids aren’t playing with pack them up for storage or consider giving them away. Decorative baskets or a trunk are creative ways to keep these items out of sight.

3. Clothes & Shoes
What’s the first thing you do when you get home? Do you kick off your shoes, take of your jacket and change into some comfortable clothes? Get in the habit of taking coats off and hanging them in the closet instead of throwing them on the back of a chair. Corral shoes, have a system in place for dirty clothes and put clean clothes away immediately to avoid having a pile of clothes. It takes just a few seconds to handle these objects, but many times it’s an afterthought that can easily get out of control.

4. Collections or Collectibles
Your extensive collection of books, figurines or guitars might be impressive, but they can take up valuable space and make your home look cluttered. I promise as soon as you pack these items up the room will look completely different.

5. Your Schedule
It’s also important to organize your time when selling your home. You’ll need to prepare and get in a habit of maintaining the space before showing. Staying organized throughout the transaction will allow you time for open houses and showings and reduce the stress of being on the market. So, put it on your calendar now.

Try these tips in your home to get organized and show buyers just how functional the home could be for them. For more information on how to organize a home sign up for a free online class, “Lose the Clutter: Habits That Could Make or Break Your Home Organizing Goals.”