Which Decor Style Should You Stage Your Home?


There is no denying that staging your home can increase the odds that it sells quickly and for a higher price. However, staging a home can be a lot of work and lead to a lot of questions and decisions.

One major decision is what decor style to use. You want to select a style that will appeal to as many buyers as possible. While there are home decor trends that are popular across the board, decorating styles really vary regionally.

While you probably don’t want to buy all new furniture, it is possible to stage your home to sell with a few key pieces. The most important part of staging a house is clearing out as much excess as possible. Remove any bulky furniture, clutter, personal items or small decor pieces. Make the home look as large as possible with minimal, but well-placed, items.

Another thing that works for all of these styles is white walls. Clearing out your home and painting the walls white will give the space a new, fresh look. Starting with a blank slate makes it easier to add a few specific accessories to help achieve the look of a specific décor style. Plus, white walls are pretty universally accepted by buyers.

Online magazine Real Simple shared a study that accumulated the most popular home decor style in each state, based off of Google search history. Here are tips for staging your home with each of those styles.

Shabby Chic

Shabby chic farmhouse decorated dining room.

Most Popular In: Alabama, Maryland, Massachusetts, West Virginia

What Is Shabby Chic?

Shabby chic is a style where furniture and home accessories are either older and worn or distressed to get the look of an antique. Homes decorated with a shabby chic style often feature a lot of pastel colors, vintage items and layered pieces.

Incorporate The Style:

In order to achieve a shabby chic look, you will first want to select a soft, vintage-inspired color palette with a white base. Think light, bright colors such as mint green, light pink, baby blue or pale yellow.

You will want to feature furniture that has a distressed finish. This might mean chipped paint, worn wood or a glaze over paint to give an antique look.  Accessorize with vintage items and layered textures like thick woven rugs or blankets. Focus on creating a soft, feminine feeling in your space to really achieve this look.

Your shabby chic decor should be inviting and make potential buyers feel right at home.



Bedroom with brick walls and neutral decor.

Most Popular In: Alaska, Illinois, Louisiana, Michigan, Montana, New Hampshire, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Utah, Wyoming

What Is Industrial Home Decor?

Industrial style is a modern look that is popular across the country. Think of an open, loft-style warehouse. Stripped-back rooms without extra fuss, featuring reclaimed materials such as brick, raw wood and exposed concrete, are pillars of the industrial look.

Incorporate The Style:

The most important aspect of an industrial style home is a neutral color palette. Instead of bringing in bold colors, focus on interesting textures. If you want to bring in some color, do it through bold, modern artwork on the walls.

Be sure to clear out any unnecessary clutter – an industrial space should feel very clean and open. Any pieces of furniture or decor in your home should be simple and useful.

Metal can be used in art or furniture for a very unique look. Avoid fabric-covered furniture pieced and instead focus on wooden furniture. Most modern industrial furniture will have straight lines and square edges – avoid any rounded lines. One piece of furniture that would check all of these boxes is an industrial pipe bench, with iron pipe legs and a wooden seat.

An easy way to bring an industrial look into a space is with the lighting – metal pendants are very popular at most hardware or lighting stores and can really change the look of your space. Since these industrial lights have become super popular, they are often a budget-friendly update option, as well.

French Country

French country style living room. 

Most Popular In: Arizona

What Is French Country Style?

French country style homes immediately transform you into the French countryside. This aesthetic is a combination of ornate and over the top while remaining very traditional. French elegance is combined with a rustic feel for a beautiful, comfortable result. Think refined elegance in every piece of furniture and decor.

Incorporate The Style:

First, make sure that your home feels bright and inviting. Focus on light and neutral colors, with small amounts of bolder color brought in as small accent pieces. Clearing out extra furnishings and pulling back any heavy drapes will help give your space an instant bright feeling.

In addition to pops of color, pops of patterns are a fun way to bring in the more ornate French style. Play with botanical prints in your space. You can bring in florals through fabric, art, wallpaper or accessories. Pair the floral prints with natural materials, such as jute, wood and stone, to keep them from looking too elegant.

Try to bring in lots of curved edges for a soft, feminine feel – avoid furniture with sleek, straight lines and soften anything that feels modern with linens and fabric. Pillows can go a long way in adding a French country look without replacing all the furniture in a room.

Hollywood Regency

Hollywood regency style living room with green walls and pink furniture. 

Most Popular In: California

What Is Hollywood Regency Style?

Hollywood regency style is reminiscent of the glamorous homes of old-timey movie stars in southern California. This look features bold color, metallic accents and lots of glam.

Incorporate The Style:

To add a Hollywood regency feel to your home, first focus on adding the feel of luxury and glamour. Rich fabrics with velvet or metallic finishes are a great way to bring in that high-end feeling without replacing everything that you own.

Bring in lots of bold color – think pink, turquoise, yellow, and even black and white. Just pick two to three of those colors to really feature in your space. Bold color blocking can make a huge impact in any size space if you’re going to need to paint the walls before selling, anyway. Layering colors, textures, and patterns helps to achieve that opulent luxurious look.

Don’t forget the metallic accents. In addition to gold accessories and shining art, add large mirrors. The mirrors act as a metallic accent and also bring in that old-fashioned glamourous aesthetic. If you really want to get the Hollywood regency style, an ornate chandelier is a must.

Let the colors and textures be the stars and focus on furniture with straight, clean lines. You don’t want any pieces with a rustic or raw feel. Whether painted or stained, a glossy finish is a must.

Asian Zen

Asian zen-style bathroom.

Most Popular In: Colorado

What is Asian Zen Style?

Asian Zen style is focused on minimalism and is therefore a wonderful option for staging your home. A Zen home should feel “at one with nature” and be calming and welcoming.

Incorporate The Style:

The general idea of Zen is a simple life. So, to really get a Zen-looking home, you need to pare down and remove any excess clutter or decor. Think minimalism to an extreme and pack anything extra away.

As far as what you leave behind, focus on pieces made from natural materials – raw wood and stone. Keep the color palette very simple and accessorize minimally with plants and other natural items.

An important part of Zen living is having free energy. This means that you need to have open, unrestricted space. Removing excess furniture and decor will help achieve this aesthetic. Also remove any extra window coverings to allow light to flow through the space.

Your home should not have any ornate details or bold accessories. There shouldn’t be anything distracting that draws too much attention. Remember, you want the space to feel restful and natural in order to really get a Zen effect.


 Small kitchen with young family making lunch.


Most Popular In: Connecticut, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Texas, Vermont

What Is Vintage Style?

Vintage home decor is a cozy, nostalgic way of decorating. It is warm and inviting and therefore would be a great way to stage your home and make potential buyers feel instantly comfortable in your space.

Vintage pieces are more than 20 years old and less than 100 years old. They are often quirky, unique or unusual.

Incorporate The Style:

Remove anything that seems specifically new or recent. You want to feature furniture and decor pieces that feel like they are from a different time. While things don’t all need to precisely match, try to stick within one decade or style of vintage pieces for optimal cohesiveness.

As far as a color scheme goes, stick with softer colors with gray undertones. Bring in lots of creamy whites and pick one or two colors, such as mint green, pink or light blue for your accents.

Vintage furniture is easy to find secondhand, but it might not be in the greatest of shape. For staging purposes, you can worry less about function and instead focus on making sure that the furniture photographs well. Paint thrifted finds with a creamy white or your selected accent colors for an easy update.


Transitional-style living room. 

Most Popular In: Washington, D.C.

What Is Transitional Style?

Transitional style is a mixture between traditional and contemporary decor styles. It features simple but sophisticated pieces with clean lines and neutral color palettes.

Incorporate The Style:

While traditional decor features dark, heavy, ornate furniture, transitional style generally features a lighter, fresher look. You still want to feature pieces with traditional lines – lots of straight lines with curves on places like sofa arms – but focus on light, contemporary colors. Creamy white, taupe and gray are all great colors to use.

An important part of transitional style is decorating very minimally with accessories. Clear out most of your décor and only leave a few favorite pieces out. For the most impact, don’t decorate with anything smaller than a cantaloupe and avoid pieces with ornate details.

In the few accessories and furniture pieces that you do bring into your space, think of a tone-on-tone monochromatic look with texture to add contrast. Pair a leather chair with a chenille pillow and a glass lamp, all in a creamy white, to get this transitional look.


Bohemian living room.

Most Popular In: Delaware

What Is Bohemian Style?

Bohemian style is a colorful, eclectic way of decorating. It’s bright and full of colors and patterns – often bringing in materials and decor pieces from a variety of international influences.

Incorporate The Style:

Your best bet for decorating your home in a bohemian style is to start with a neutral base. Your walls, ceilings, floors and major furniture pieces should have simple lines and neutral color schemes. Then, bring in the bohemian feel with tons of layered, colorful accessories.

Linens and pillows are an important part of bohemian style. Colorful cushions, throws and fabrics should be layered to the point that it almost feels excessive. Focus on deep jewel tones for maximum impact.

Accessory-wise, look for pieces that have a distressed or multicultural feel. Your ultimate goal should be for your decor to feel as if it was collected over time by a very interesting, well-traveled person. This will help to create that intriguing bohemian aesthetic.

Plants are a very bohemian way to accessorize any room. You can hang plants from the ceiling, place pots on tabletops or shelves or even place large plants in baskets on the floor. If your home doesn’t get much light or you are not going to be home much during showings, consider using faux plants instead of live plants. You can also hang floating rope shelves to get texture and the right color palette, then put plants and items on there.



Coastal living room with blue and white furniture.

Most Popular In: Florida, South Carolina

What Is Coastal Style?

Coastal style should make you feel like you are at a cottage at the beach. However, don’t make the mistake of decorating with jars of seashells or wreaths made from flip-flops. Steer away from anything too outright nautical and instead stick with decor that just has a coastal edge to it.

Incorporate The Style:

An important part of coastal style is the color scheme – you want to focus on white, blues and natural tones. Definitely remove anything from your space that is red, yellow, or orange or has warm undertones. You will also want to remove or refinish any furniture with a dark or glossy finish on it. Accent with pieces that are raw or whitewashed wood, jute or crisp white.

Rattan, bamboo, straw and seagrass accessories can instantly give a room a coastal feel. Fabric materials should be breezy, such as white linen, and curtain panels should be sheer or pulled aside to allow maximum light to enter the home. In general, coastal style should feel very inviting and comfortable. Layer lots of pillows and throw blankets – in your simple color palette – for a welcoming feel.

While you want to skip the anchor prints and baskets of seashells, one place to be literal with the ocean is in your art. A large seascape painting can make a huge impact and instantly transport visitors to the beach. Stick with a simple frame and let the art be the star. You can quickly paint a seascape on a large canvas and hang it for staging without having to spend hundreds of dollars to buy art.


Rustic kitchen with wood accents.

Most Popular In: Georgia, Iowa, Indiana

What Is Rustic Style?

Rustic style is about bringing nature indoors and features materials that reflect the outdoors. Raw wood and stone are the stars of this look.

Incorporate The Style:

Add raw wood tones wherever possible. This could be on furniture as a tabletop, in the form of beams or planks on the ceiling, or in accessories and decor. Other than the wood tones, furniture and accessories should be in muted, neutral tones.

Rustic accessories should not be small or delicate – you want to decorate with chunky, masculine pieces. For fabrics, bring in thick, nubby textures in neutral colors or with bold patterns, like a buffalo check. Matte black metal tones are an easy go-to for hardware and light fixtures.

An easy way to add a rustic feel to a space is by adding woven baskets. The baskets could hide personal items or even be empty for the purpose of staging, but they are an excellent way to add texture to a space. You can get baskets shaped like bowls, trays or vases, but don’t go with any basket smaller than a dinner plate.


Sleek, modern living room.

Most Popular In: Hawaii, New Mexico, Oregon, Rhode Island

What Is Minimalist Style?

The general concept of minimalist style decor is to keep it simple. Remove any excess and pare down your home to only the essentials, very similar to Asian Zen style. This is an excellent style for staging your home to sell. Eliminating excess will make your home feel cleaner and more open, and help potential buyers picture themselves and their belongings in the space.

Incorporate The Style:

The most important thing that you can do to stage your home in the minimalist style is to get rid of any excess. Take a look in each room and remove anything that is unnecessary. It is OK to leave white space and blank walls. This will help make your space feel lighter and more open.

As far as color schemes go, minimalist homes will unsurprisingly have minimal color schemes. Light-colored neutrals are your best bet for all furniture and accessories. If you want to have a colorful piece, make it a focal point and surround it with white space.

Minimalist furniture should have clean lines and be made from simple materials. You don’t want anything ornate. Patterns can actually work with this style, but they should be large-scale and feature colors that blend in well with your existing color palette.

Modern Country

Modern country-style dining room.

Most Popular In: Idaho

What Is Modern Country Style?

Modern country takes the traditional country style and brings it into the current era. This means a combination of comfortable, country decor with more clean lines and modern color combinations.

Incorporate The Style:

If your home is already decorated in a country style, modernize it by cleaning up excess clutter and decor items. Modern country style is going to have a more minimalist feel compared to classic country, with all things having a practical purpose in the space.

One great thing about modern country style is that mismatched furniture and decor really work well. So, you can shop secondhand and not worry about getting things that make a complete set. Focus on pieces with similar but not matching lines and materials. You can always tie them together with a coat of creamy white chalk paint.

In general, modern country style features a neutral color palette with pops of color. Choose a warm color, such as red, burnt orange or golden yellow as your accent and bring it into the space in multiple places. Pillows, blankets and accessories are the easiest way to bring in color.


Formal Victorian dining room.

Most Popular In: Maine

What Is Victorian Style?

Victorian style is a unique, ornate style from another time. It is a style that is best suited to homes whose outsides match this style already. It might be awkward to try to make a new construction or ’80s ranch home look Victorian. But, if you have a historical home, decorating in this way could highlight the home’s features.

Incorporate The Style:

Victorian style is the opposite of modern decor. You want to focus on ornate, detailed antique furniture. Linens and window treatments should be heavy and made from thick fabric. Furniture should be oversized and lots of antique knickknacks should be everywhere.

As far as a color palette goes, Victorian style features rich jewel tones and dark, shiny wood finishes. Consider reds, purples, greens and blues, all in deep shades.

Ornate molding, stained glass and any similar details should be highlighted and allowed to shine. Fireplaces, sconces, chandeliers and lots of candlesticks are the best way to bring light into this otherwise dark-style home.

To decorate your walls, you should add oil paintings or large mirrors with ornate, gold frames. Accessorize floors with deep colored rugs and add velvet pillows where appropriate. The entire home should feel warm and extravagant.

Mid-Century Modern

Midcentury modern office and living room space. 

Most Popular In: Missouri, New Jersey, Virginia

What Is Midcentury Modern Style?

Midcentury modern style is the style of home decor that was popular in the 1950s. It features clean lines, geometric shapes and tapered legs on furniture for a vintage take on the modern look.

Incorporate The Style:

Midcentury modern has been a really trendy look in the past few years, so it is actually easy to find replica furniture for sale at many major retailers. Of course, it is always great if you can find authentic vintage pieces, but for the purpose of staging your home, it shouldn’t make much of a difference.

Focus on pieces that are solid wood, with a midtone stain, straight, boxy bodies and short, tapered legs. Upholstered furniture should have straight lines with curved corners and tight upholstery.

There are a few color schemes that are iconically midcentury modern – combinations of brown and orange, teal, white, chartreuse and gray, and pink and brown are all classic options. Pick one of these color schemes for your accent pieces to accompany solid wood furniture.

Abstract or geometric art is an easy way to make a major mid-century modern impact. Pick a piece that complements your color scheme and leave most of the rest of the room neutral to really allow the bold art to shine.

Art Deco

Art Deco-style living room.

Most Popular In: Nebraska, Nevada

What Is Art Deco Style?

Art deco style is an aesthetic that comes out of the 1920s, ’30s, and ’40s. It was a glamorous and luxurious look – think of the “Great Gatsby” as your inspiration.

Incorporate The Style:

Art deco furniture should be angular without curved lines. Common materials include shiny silver metals, glass, chrome, lacquered wood and mirrors.

Don’t be afraid to include pattern in your home! Animal prints are very art deco. Repeating geometric patterns were also very popular for upholstery and wallpaper. Accessories should be sculptural and feel very geometric in their shapes.

Bring in a glam feel with lots of metallics and mirrored finishes. Hardware, faucets and light fixtures should all be shiny and gold or silver in color for a real art deco feel. Complement those finishes with bold accent colors – red, yellow, green or blue could all contrast well with chrome and black and white neutrals.

Urban Modern

Urban modern apartment.


Most Popular In: New York, Tennessee, Wisconsin

What Is Urban Modern Style?

Urban modern style is a combination of contemporary, modern and industrial styles and is very popular in big cities. It tends to be light and airy, though not as stark as industrial or modern styles. Adding a contemporary flair brings comfort and warmth to modern spaces.

Incorporate The Style:

The first step to creating this soothing and welcoming space is the color palette. Stay away from stark whites and instead combine creamy white, beige and grey tones for a layered look.

Urban modern furniture should have crisp, straight, modern lines, but they can be softened up a bit with light upholstery or darker-stained wood. Natural-colored throws and blankets help to further soften modern pieces and give them a more comfortable feeling.

Keep the accessories rather minimal, but great ideas for accenting your space are plants (live or faux) and books. These pieces will feel practical and modern while still making a space feel lived in and loved.

To keep your home interesting to potential buyers, you might consider one statement piece per room. This could be bold art, an interesting chandelier or a piece of painted furniture. While the pieces should be different from room to room, keep them cohesive with a common color scheme.


Traditional living room.

Most Popular In: South Dakota

What Is Traditional Style?

Traditional style is popular for decorating a home because it is warm and welcoming. It should feature warm, rich colors and textures and feel both elegant and inviting.

Incorporate The Style:

Traditional furniture is heavy and a bit oversized. It fills a room, and upholstered pieces are often deep and comfortable looking. They should have a casual, yet elegant feeling to them. There should not be a lot of ornate details, but instead simple details like curved arms and nailhead trim.

Traditional style will have a simple neutral color palette. Accent colors should be deep and warm – rusty orange, forest green, and burgundy are good examples. Whites should not be stark white but instead creamy beige.

Arrange your furniture and accessories symmetrically so the space feels very calm. Everything should feel like it matches and coordinates. You don’t want anything distracting or busy in the space.


Eclectic vintage-style living room.

Most Popular In: Washington

What Is Eclectic Style?

Eclectic style is going to be colorful and busy and pair looks together that might not be exactly the same style. This look is very collected-over-time and features loved pieces regardless of their era, color, or trend.

Incorporate The Style:

The key to an eclectic home is contrast. Pair an antique upholstered chair with a new sleek glass coffee table, for example. This contrast highlights the unique beauty of each piece. Don’t be afraid to bring in multiple patterns right next to each other – just make sure they coordinate with their color schemes.

One popular aspect of eclectic homes is a large gallery wall. You can put a gallery wall anywhere – even going up the stairs! To keep it from looking too eclectic, pick either matching frames (all white, for example) or art with a similar color scheme, such as all black and white photos. Just be sure to put generic photos in the gallery wall for staging instead of family photos.

The most difficult part of decorating with an eclectic style is keeping a room from looking too busy. The best way to master this is by picking a consistent color palette and sticking to it throughout your home. Pick one accent color and pair it with neutral colors to keep a space from feeling overwhelming.

Another great way to simplify an eclectic home is by keeping the walls simple. Avoid bold colors or patterns on the wall and instead bring them in through accessories. Especially when staging a home, bold walls might scare off potential buyers.

Staging your home can be a really stressful process. By knowing what style of home decor is most popular in your area, you are taking one step of the guesswork out of it.