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For Sale By Owner
11928 Yellow Fin Trl, Orlando, FL 32827
For Sale By Owner
3803 Lake Sarah Dr, Orlando, FL 32804
For Sale By Owner
260 S Osceola Ave, Orlando, FL 32801
For Sale By Owner
14101 Sierra Vista Dr, Orlando, FL 32837
Baldwin Park Home
2859 Wilford Ave, Orlando, FL 32814
For Sale By Owner
4277 Conway Place Cir, Orlando, FL 32812
For Sale By Owner
13008 Sawgrass Pine Cir, Orlando, FL 32824


Navigate your homeownership to a safe harbor by selling ‘by owner.’ Set the right price, understand prevailing market trends through our blog, use our articles, special tools and home finance information and calculators to chart your course. Make sure your buyer finds your house on line through our powerful listing services. It’s your ship. Be the captain!

Benefits of Buying & Selling By Owner


Homes for sale ‘by owner’ are often the best value in any neighborhood. That is because owners have maximum negotiating flexibility, especially when they don’t have a listing agent’s commission soaking up 3% or more of the sale price. Of course, we encourage ‘by owner’ sellers to cover all or part of the buyer’s agent commission, so there’s still no cost to you. And check out our step-by-step guide to buying a house directly from the owner.

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Sell your home ‘by owner’ and it will stand out in any neighborhood. You will be in control of marketing, pricing, and negotiating — critical tasks that can’t be trusted to an agent who doesn’t have your best interests at heart.

Your first step to ‘sold’ is to make the most of’s powerful listing tools that ensure that your house will ‘get found’ by buyers searching online right now for their next home.

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