Landlord-Tenant Forms

Rental property involves many important legal matters whether you are a landlord or a tenant. We provide all types of landlord-tenant forms for both commercial and residential use, including lease applications, agreements, termination forms, notices and much more. Requirements vary state-to-state, so all of our professionally drafted forms are state-specific when necessary.

Property Management Package

This Property Management Package contains the essential forms to assist you in leasing your premises, complying with legal requirements, and keeping relations with your tenants amicable. the following state-specific forms are included:
  • Residential Rental Lease Application & Agreement
  • Landlord Tenant Closing Statement to Reconcile Security Deposit
  • Commercial Building or Space Lease
  • Security Deposit Agreement
  • Pre- and Post-Lease Inventory Checklist
  • Agreement to Lease with Option to Purchase
  • Property Manager Agreement
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Landlord-Tenant Package

This Landlord-Tenant lease forms package contains select forms for the Landllord-Tenant Relationship including: 1) Application; 2) Term Lease Agreement; 3) Lead Paint Disclosure; 4) Other Disclosures, if applicable;...
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Amendment of Lease Package

This Amendment of Lease Package contains the forms necessary to modify the terms of a lease. The forms in this package are designed to avoid disagreements over changes...
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Assignment of Lease Package

This Assignment of Lease Package contains the forms that are useful and necessary for parties to assign their interest in a leasehold property. With your Assignment of Lease...
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Lease Purchase Agreements Package

This lease purchase package contains the forms that are necessary for sellers and purchasers to enter into a legally binding obligation to sell and purchase real property at...
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Landlord Tenant Sublease Packaget

This package contains essential legal documents to help you prior to and during the process of subleasing a rental property. It contains documents that are vital for addressing...
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Landlord Tenant Handbook

This Landlord Tenant Handbook summarizes the rights and obligations of landlords and tenants, and is designed to be a helpful guide to both landlords and tenants. Information about...
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Residential Rental Lease Application

This Residential Rental Lease Application form is a Residential Lease Application for the Landlord to have the proposed Tenant complete and submit to the Landlord for the Landlord...
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Residential Rental Lease Agreement

This is a state-specific Residential Rental Lease Agreement form designed for a specific term such as 1 or more years, 6 months, etc. It contains many provisions, some...
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Tenant Consent to Background Check

This Tenant Consent to Background and Reference Check is a consent form to be signed by Tenant, permitting a background and reference check to be performed by the...
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Salary Verification for Lease

This Salary Verification Form for Potential Lease is a form to be sent to a potential tenant's employer, in order for the Landlord to verify the lease applicant's...
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Tenant Welcome Letter

This is a tenant welcome letter. This letter is a compilation of information given to a new Tenant, providing contact info for utilities and reminders relevant to the...
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Lead Based Paint Disclosure for Rental Transaction

This is a Lead-Based Paint Disclosure form required for the rental of residential dwellings. If the rental unit was constructed prior to 1978, this form is required to...
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Landlord Tenant Closing Statement

This is a Landlord Tenant Closing Statement - Reconcile Security Deposit, where the landlord records the deposits and credits, less deductions from the credits or security deposit for...
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Inventory and Condition of Leased Premises

This Inventory and Condition of Leased Premises for Pre Lease and Post Lease is an inventory signed by a Tenant of rental property that attests the condition of...
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Commercial Building or Space Lease

This is a state-specific commercial lease form for leasing a building for any use, such as an office. This lease is very detailed and includes provisions addressing the...
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Commercial Sublease

This form is a commercial Sub-Lease;Tenant to New Tenant. As a commercial sub-lease, Sub-Lessor leases unto Sub-Lessee the specified land and any improvements. The provisions of the sub-lease...
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7-Day Notice to Remedy Breach

This 7 Day Notice to Pay Rent or Lease Terminates form is used by a Landlord to demand payment of overdue rent from a residential tenant within 7...
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14-Day Notice to Remedy Breach

This 14 Day Notice to Tenant to Remedy Breach or Lease Terminates is used by Landlord to give a residential Tenant notice of Tenant's breach of the lease...
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30-Day Notice of Lease Expiration

This is a letter from a Landlord to a Tenant for the purpose of the Landlord submitting a letter to the Tenant for a variable amount of days...
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Notice of Default in Rent Payments

This Notice of Default in Payment of Rent as Warning Prior to Demand to Pay or Terminate for Non-Residential or Commercial Property form is for use by a...
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Landlord Tenant Eviction Notice

Eviction is the process by which a landlord removes a tenant from physical possession of the rented property. The legal action brought to obtain an eviction is called...
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Supplemental Lease Forms Package

The Supplemental Lease Forms Package is for those who already have their lease form and need all the rest of the forms we offer. This supplemental package DOES...
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Amendment to Lease or Rental Agreement

This Amendment to Lease or Rental Agreement form is used to record an agreed change to the terms of the rental agreement. Landlord and Tenant both sign the...
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Month-to-Month Lease Agreement

This is a residential lease form for use in your state. This lease is designed as a month-to-month lease. A month-to-month lease continues from month-to-month until either the...
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