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The Paperwork Every FSBO Home Seller Needs to Organize

Whether you’re selling your home on your own or with the help of a real estate agent, there’s tons of paperwork involved. After all, it’s the biggest sale in most people’s lives. Read on to learn more about the documents you need, where to get them and frequently asked questions about how to sell your […]

Couple deciding whether the should sell their house

Should I Sell My House? A 3 Step Guide to Deciding

Planting a “for sale” sign in front of a house might seem like the beginning of the home sale process. The truth is, it’s only one step of a journey that typically starts weeks or even months earlier. Setting a price, listing a home for sale and showing the home to potential buyers are all […]

Do you offer guaranteed placement in the MLS?

Yes, when you select either the Deluxe MLS package and have entered into a Listing Agreement, guarantees that your property will be listed in the MLS within 72 hours (per local MLS rules and regulations). This is a key differentiator between us and most of our competitors.

How do I find my listing on national real estate listing search sites?

You can typically search by city or street address to find your property on the national real estate listing search sites like

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Why should I buy using the “For Sale By Owner” method?

There are many reasons to sell or buy “For Sale By Owner”: Learn how buying direct can help you get the house you want and build equity faster.

Who is

We’ve been in business since 1999 and have helped tens of thousands of sellers successfully sell their home. We have a proven track record and knowledge of how to do this right. We’ve grown to be the largest and most successful FSBO marketplace because we have been the ones constantly pushing the envelope to find […]

How do I sign up to get notifications of new homes for sale?

On the search results page click Be notified of newly-listed homes at the top right corner of the page You will be prompted to login or create a new user account After you have logged-in (or created an account) click Saved Searches to modify your saved searches and e-mail notifications

What is the process to sell my home myself?

Download our free e-book, The Complete Guide To Buying and Selling Your Own Home, which includes chapters on . . . Advice on finding free and low-cost advertising Setting the right price How to negotiate with buyers so that everyone walks away happy How to eliminate unqualified buyers The correct way to show your home—yes, […]

How will I reach buyers?

We’re the number one “by-owner” site and get 5x more visitors than our closest competitor. In addition, we also offer plans that include a listing on the MLS and syndication to other real estate sites. It usually takes 48 hours from the time you publish to the time your listing appears on these other sites.