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How do I sign up to get notifications of new homes for sale?

On the search results page click Be notified of newly-listed homes at the top right corner of the page You will be prompted to login or create a new user account After you have logged-in (or created an account) click Saved Searches to modify your saved searches and e-mail notifications

What is the process to sell my home myself?

Download our free e-book, The Complete Guide To Buying and Selling Your Own Home, which includes chapters on . . . Advice on finding free and low-cost advertising Setting the right price How to negotiate with buyers so that everyone walks away happy How to eliminate unqualified buyers The correct way to show your home—yes, […]

How will I reach buyers?

We’re the number one “by-owner” site and get 7x more visitors than our closest competitor. In addition, we also offer plans that include a listing on the MLS and syndication to other real estate sites.

When and how can I post or change photos of my property?

All listings allow you to upload unlimited photos. You will have the option to upload photos after you have selected a package. We recommend that you post photos – listings with photos get up to 80% more traffic than those without.

Photo specs

Photos should each be 1 MB (megabyte) or less in size and.jpg, .jpeg, .bmp, or .gif formats. Horizontal photos (wide or landscape) are recommended. Vertical photos (tall or portrait) will be cropped and are not recommended.

Uploading photos

New Customers: If you are setting up a new listing, you will be given a link to log in and upload photos in your welcome email, after you have gone through the package checkout process. If you missed this link, no problem! Simply follow the instructions below. If you missed this link, log in to […]

To change the order of your photos:

Log in to your Selling Center Click Manage Photos Click the photo you would like to move and drag it to the desired location There will be a short delay while the change is processing. Please be patient before moving to the next photo Repeat this process until your photos are reordered as you would […]

To add titles and captions:

Log in to your Selling Center. Click Manage My Photos. Click Add Titles and Captions. Enter text into the boxes for each photo. The counter on the right of each box will tell you when you have run out of characters. Click the Save button at the top or bottom of the screen.

To delete photos:

Deleting a photo is a permanent action that cannot be undone. Make sure you have copies of your images before you delete them from your listing. Log in to your Selling Center Click Manage Photos Click Organize or Upload and Manage Put your mouse on the photo you would like to delete Click the trash […]