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House Ad: Deciding Landing Page Callouts

{title} {text} [va-house-ad slug=”house-ad-type-3-1″ title=”Pricing Scout” text=”Use Pricing Scout to find the right price for your home. Just enter your address and go.” button_text=”VIEW TOOL” button_link=””][va-house-ad slug=”house-ad-type-3-2″ title=”LISTING PACKAGES” text=”Home sellers save thousands using See which of our packages is right for you.” button_text=”VIEW PACKAGES” button_link=””]

House Ad – Buyer Tools: Pricing Scout Icon

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House Ad – Buyer Tools: Toolbox Icon Callout

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House Ad: Buyer Tools – Buyer Feedback Icon

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House Ad: Marketing Page Tool Callouts

{title} {text} [va-house-ad slug=”house-ad-type-3-1″ title=”BUYER FEEDBACK” text=”Find out what buyers really think of your house. This online survey will allow you to improve your home showings quickly.” button_text=”VIEW TOOL” button_link=””][va-house-ad slug=”house-ad-type-3-2″ title=”SHOWING ASSISTANT” text=”Schedule your showings with ease. Create your calendar and buyers choose showing times that work for both of you.” button_text=”VIEW TOOL” button_link=””][va-house-ad […]

House Ad: Tool Callout

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House Ad: Call to Action

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