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To get started, first enter your company's information as you want it to appear to potential customers. Then define the size of the territory you cover (the number of MLS boards that you're a member of).

What is the Broker Network?
The Broker Network allows licensed real estate brokers to capitalize on the rapidly growing Flat-Fee real estate market. has paired the marketing power of the MLS with the efficiency of the Internet to create a hybrid real estate marketing solution for consumers that is extremely popular.

When licensed real estate agents join the Broker Network they can count on the following:

  • "Ready to list" sellers sent to their email daily.
  • Fair and TIMELY compensation for their efforts.
  • Access to the largest deal flow from the busiest For Sale By Owner site in the world.
  • First chance at Buyers and Full Service Seller leads
  • Online tracking of all leads.
  • Online invoicing
  • Our network coverage is expanding fast! So don't miss out on a great opportunity to grow alongside with one of the fastest growing companies in online real estate.


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