Storage Solutions for the Growing Family

By ForSaleByOwner

Babies might be small, but they take up a lot of space. There’s the crib, furniture, toys, stroller, diaper bag, clothes, car seat, bathtub, wipes, powders, medicines and the list goes on. If you’re already living in cramped quarters then storing everything your baby needs means getting creative. Here are a few storage solutions to help you make room for your growing family.

1. Hang it up
Trying to store baby’s things can lead to quickly running out of floor space. The best way to get more out of a room is to go vertical. Creating wall mounts for toys and a stroller get them out of the way while hanging the diaper bag and other frequently-used (high trafficked) items provide easy access and avoid constant bending down.

2. Stack it on Top
Stackable furniture and storage make keeping things (semi) organized and (partly) uncluttered an easier task. Lightweight bookshelves can be stacked on top of each other to make everything accessible and save space. Plastic containers are cheap and can be stacked on top of each other. Just make sure that if you’re stacking any heavy items that they’re properly secured to prevent a tip over.

3. Hide it underneath
There’s lots of prime storage space underneath your bed, all you have to do is utilize it. Big plastic totes can store a lot and are great for items you barely ever use. If you’ve run out of space for items you use everyday, make sure you find something with rollers so you can reach what you need. These storage items are great for underneath the crib or changing table as well.

4. Change it up
Changing tables can be helpful for the first few months, but eventually you’ll lose out on valuable space if that furniture doesn’t serve any other purpose. If you want to have a changing table make sure it’s a combination dresser and changing table. This way your furniture can serve you for years to come. Otherwise, just use changing pads and save yourself the space.

5. Get it Organized
Getting your closet organized can help you find extra space to store all of your things for baby. Start by packing away any out-of-season clothing or items you won’t use in the near future. Using luggage and suitcases to store those clothes is a great way to save space. You can install some portable-shelving units to make use of any open space in your closet and store boxes and bins underneath.

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