How to Create A Great House For Sale By Owner Flyer

By ForSaleByOwner

Whether you call it a property flyer, house for sale flyer or anything in between – having something that a buyer can take away with them after touring your home is essential. To create a great first impression with your real estate flyer, you’ll first need to ensure you have the right content. Here’s a breakdown of the essential components to include in order to create the best flyer to help sell your home.

Must Haves on Your Home Listing Flyer

First, the essentials. You’ll want to make sure that you list all the key information about your home as well as your contact information, so any potential buyers can easily reach out to you with questions. Or, better yet – offers!

• Header – This is where you grab the buyers’ attention. All you need is a short phrase to entice them to continue reading.
• Price Details – You have options here. You can either list the asking price or have the buyer call you for pricing information.
• Description – This is a short paragraph where you can truly pitch your property to buyers. Be sure to get across the benefits of your home. The thesaurus is your friend here!
• Highlights – Not to be confused with your home’s description, the highlight section is a bulleted list that lets buyers easily scan the main features of your home such as square feet, number of bedrooms and bathrooms and any recent upgrades.
• Photos – Select a few good photos to showcase your home. Make sure to include an exterior photo. The kitchen, master bathroom and yard are also buyer favorites, so if you include some of those you’re golden!
• Contact information – This is critical. You want to make it easy for buyers to contact you, so be sure to include your name and the best way to reach you.

Make sure your message is consistent

There are other materials you’ll need to create to market your home, not just your home flyer—the property listing, social media, and local publications to name a few. Using the same type of language in each helps the buyer remember your home, plus it saves you time!

Take a ‘what’s in it for me?” approach.

When you sit down to write the content in your home flyer, make sure you speak to the buyers’ unspoken “What’s in it for me?” mindset. Here are a few examples to help get you thinking like a buyer:

• Neighborhood – new friends for children, family, quiet, safe
• Convenience – close to public transportation, schools, and shopping
• Condition of home – well maintained, updated appliances, floors, furnace or roof
• Home Warranty – no unexpected additional expenses

Get Creative! Set Your Home for Sale Flyer Apart With These Tips

Here are helpful tips to create a cohesive, professional, and eye-catching branded flyer that highlights your home. Make your flyer a keeper by following these simple guidelines:
1. Build hierarchy. You’ll want to make sure your most important information is the most prominent on the page. Set up your flyer in a way that draws the buyers’ eyes to the information you want them to see the most.
2. Ensure fonts are legible. Don’t sacrifice readability. If buyers can’t read your flyer, it doesn’t do you any good!
3. Keep your background simple. You don’t want to overwhelm buyers with too much to look at.
4. Use bold Headers. Using headers help break the information into different sections while also making your flyer easily digestible at a glance for the busy buyer.
5. Show the price prominently. Remember when we said above that you can list the price of your home or have the buyer call you for details? We’re on the ‘list the price upfront so it will save you time later’ team. Listing the price helps you save time by weeding out the buyers who can’t afford to purchase your home in the first place.
6. Use a real estate flyer template. There are programs available to make creating your home flyer a breeze and save you time. One of our favorites is Canva. Their flyer templates and layouts are easy to customize with your home’s information.
7. Print in color. Color conveys a warmer message than black & white. Using color will leave a better impression with buyers.
8. Use good quality paper. Paper quality is very important. Cheap paper undermines your presentation and tends to get thrown away. Take it from us and splurge on the nicer paper.

Example of a Great Home For Sale Real Estate Flyer

Custom flyer designed in Canva

There you have it, you’re ready to create your home flyer! If you need any more guidance, we have you covered. Our packages for home sellers include walking you through the process of creating your home’s listing, generating home flyers and more. We’re here to help!