How to Price a Home: 5 Tips for Strategic Pricing [Infographic]


Trying to price a home can initially seem like a daunting task for many reasons. Listings get the most attention from house hunters within the first thirty days of posting, which means that the first price you come up with needs to be the right one. In addition, almost 33 percent of sales fall through because the price that the seller has determined is more than a buyer’s lender is willing to loan. To get that crucial number right from the start you’ll want to calculate your costs, perform a Comparative Market Analysis and consider what effect some of the “less-than-desirable” aspects of your home will have on your price. Luckily, as a by-owner seller you can use the money you will save from not having to pay agent fees to help sweeten the deal for buyers or to pay for a professional appraisal and pocket the rest.

Take the mystery out of pricing your home to sell with a proven by-the-numbers approach. These five tips will help you determine your all-important asking price.

How to Price a Home: 5 Tips for Strategic Pricing

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