The spring selling season is halfway over and your house is still…your house. So what now?

This is the moment to rekindle interest with some spring-back staging, suggests Traci Bridges, founder and CEO of 3 Steps to Sold, a series of staging self-help videos that show homeowners how to repeat the same three steps in each area of their houses to get from chaos to staged.

“Cleaning and clearing make the difference for 90% of homes,” says Bridges. Among her other recommendations for a home refresh are:

  • Plant your colorful annuals as early as you dare…and put in lots of them. “Think flower show,” she says, “big, blooming plants all crowded together.” Little starter plants won’t pack the punch you need to attract a closer look from potential buyers driving past. “You aren’t going to live long enough in that house for those flowers to grow!”
  • Take down, or don’t put up, your usual spring and summer decorations. Ladies who love flags, we’re talking to you. No cute patriotic flags, no May basket banners and no wind chimes.
  • “Walk from the street to your front door and note what you need to clean and fix,” says Bridges. Polish or replace worn door hardware and your mailbox, and make sure to fix winter damage to shrubs, porches and trim.

When you’re done, make sure to update your listing with fresh photos, and you’ll see a new breeze of interest!