“Top 10” or “Terrible 10,” these are the defects that home inspectors discover most often.

    1. Poor drainage that allows water to damage the foundation.
    2. Faulty heating or cooling systems that are also energy inefficient.
    3. Mold, asbestos and other environmental hazards.
    4. Inadequate ventilation.
    5. Neglected maintenance of household appliances. Lint build-up in the trap of a dryer, for example, can result in a fire.
    6. Plumbing problems.
    7. A leaking or damaged roof.
    8. An addition or other major project completed without the necessary permit.
    9. Electrical problems.
    10. Rotten wood, whether inside around bathtubs, showers and toilets or part of the home’s exterior, such as the outside trim, roof eaves or deck.

Source: Home Team Inspection Service, Milford, OH

via Los Angeles Times
Syndicated with permission.

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