Uploading photos

Posted by Rajashree Talukdar

New Customers: If you are setting up a new listing, you will be given a link to log in and upload photos in your welcome email, after you have gone through the package checkout process. If you missed this link, no problem! Simply follow the instructions below.

If you missed this link, log in to your Selling Center, click Manage Photos, and you’ll see instructions to upload photos.

This is the process you’ll see listed there:

  1. On the upload page, click the Choose Files button – this will be your Main Photo. A small window will appear that will allow you to “browse” through the files on your computer and locate the image file you’d like to upload. If you don’t know where you have saved your photos then it may be hard for you to find them. We recommend saving them in My Photos or on your Desktop before you begin the upload process.
  2. When you find the photo that you would like to post, double click on it. This will cause the browsing window to disappear. There should now be text in the box right next to the Browse button, this text is the file path for the image you selected.
  3. Click Upload at the bottom of the screen to upload your photo. The upload can take several minutes. When the upload is complete, the page will refresh and a link to your photo will appear on the screen.
  4. Repeat steps 2-4 for each photo you would like to upload. If you would like to, you can upload more than one photo at a time, with the maximum being 20 at a time. If you receive an error message during the upload process please check the Photo Requirements above and make sure that your photos are in one of the allowed file formats and are not too big.