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15 Things to Check Off Your Showing a Home For Sale To Do List

Showing your home is crucial to a home sale, but it takes some work to get it right. From preparing your home with a thorough cleaning to collecting feedback from house hunters after the viewing, you’ll want to have a plan in place from the start. Give yourself the edge and follow this printable checklist to guide you through the process of getting your home ready to show to home buyers.

Before Your Showing

Stage, declutter and fix.

Clean, clean, clean.

Create a showing schedule that offers flexibility to buyers and works for you.

Prepare answers to buyers’ questions about your house, neighborhood, school district and other pertinent facts.

Make sure your home looks great from the outside. Curb appeal is important.

Create a safety and security plan before visitors arrive.

Once You Have a Showing Scheduled

Assemble a packet for the buyer including a color copy of your listing flyer, disclosure statement, survey, most recent property tax bill, utility bills and school district report card (if available).

Have light, season-appropriate refreshments on hand.

During the showing, you’ll accompany the buyer at all times. Practice letting the visitor dictate how the tour proceeds, and what you’ll say about each room, but be prepared to lead if the buyer prefers that.

Put away your valuables.

Clean again. Pay extra attention to floors and carpets, windows, counter tops, and smells.

Ask the buyer for a letter of pre-qualification or, better yet, pre-approval from a lender.

After Your Showing

Send the buyer a thank you email and ask if there are any questions.

Use our anonymous Buyer Feedback tool to instantly find out what the buyer thought of your home.

Put that feedback to work by making changes.