Don’t Wait! 5 Reasons to List Your Home for Sale By Owner in the Fall

Leaves are falling and Thanksgiving is right around the corner — two sure signs that it’s getting late in the year. Are you concerned that you’ve missed your opportunity to sell your home before 2014 arrives? Relax. There are benefits to putting your home on the market before the end of the year. 

Here are five reasons to feel good about listing your home in November:

  1. You’re not intimidated. Others may be fearful of listing in the fall or winter but you shouldn’t be. There are buyers out there in all seasons and fewer homes for them to view in the fall and winter months mean the odds of selling are in your favor. Take advantage of that.
  2. Buyers may be motivated by tax advantages. Some are eager to close before year end to take tax deductions in 2013.
  3. Don’t wait for your payout. Realize the gain on your home sooner, not later.
  4. It’s easier to schedule a move in winter. Moving companies have more availability than they do in spring and summer.
  5. Fall lighting can work in your favor. In summer’s bright sunshine, it can be difficult to use lighting to help create a cozy atmosphere inside your home. In fall and winter, strategic use of soft lighting and candles can make a good impression on potential buyers. And if you have a fireplace, keep it lit.

Bonus Marketing Tip: If your landscape changes with the seasons, take photos of the outside of your home now before the snow starts falling to include in your listing. And when you do list, be sure you have your home staged and ready to show to motivated buyers. Check out these simple tips for staging your home in the fall.

Have you sold a home late in the year? What advice would you give? Let us know in the Comments section.